August 18, 2013

Two nights at Someday Farm Vegan Bed and Breakfast

Yes, the muffins are gluten-free. I had to ask though, because I couldn't believe it.

It was almost 10 a.m. in Seattle and no one had brought me a breakfast tray of delicious vegan food. It's amazing how fast one can become accustomed to being treated like royalty, and I wasn't ready to go back to real life yet. Let me explain. For two nights we were enjoying a mini-vacation at Someday Farm vegan bed and breakfast on Whidbey Island, and it was hard to come back to reality. For two days, Jill, the co-owner of the wonderful property where we were enjoying our getaway, showed up at 9 a.m. bearing a large tray filled with fabulous breakfast foods.

This was our tray on morning number one — tofu quiche, roasted potatoes, fresh-baked muffins, fresh fruit, and little cubes of agar agar jell (I think). Not only was it all delicious, it was also gluten-free. We had enough food to stuff ourselves for breakfast and enjoy again for lunch. We actually had some quiche left for dinner but were ultimately unable to finish it all. The goats and donkeys got the leftovers, and they couldn't have been more thrilled.

Not only was the breakfast ample, but the refrigerator and cupboards were stocked with a variety of easy-to-prepare foods that Jill encouraged us to use — plus we could gather veggies from the garden.

When we first entered the dwelling, I think I let out a little squeal of delight at the large size, extreme charm and comfort of the place.

And it was sparkling clean.

Everything exuded quirky charm and coziness, from the uniquely painted kitchen cupbords

to the items and collections inside the cupboards, and the objects on the counter tops.

Although the appliances and facilities were immaculate, modern and up to date, things like dishes, telephone and breadbox were a bit 'collectable'. Speaking of the breadbox — it was filled with a bag of wonderful chips, and an assortment of energy bars, which came in very handy. In addition to easy-to-prepare foods, there were also spices, teas, coffee, and everything you might need to throw a snack or meal together. Frankly, though, we were so stuffed from breakfast, food wasn't much on our minds.

Everywhere we turned there were shelves filled with books, magazines and DVDs to keep us occupied when we we weren't out hiking or exploring the towns. The one DVD we watched was Peaceable Kingdom, which I recommend if you are on the edge of deciding whether or not to embrace a vegan diet. It's not horrifically graphic, but "a riveting story of transformation and healing, Peaceable Kingdom explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life." * You will also appreciate the video if you're looking for ways to talk to friends and acquaintances who question your vegan choices.

View of the vegetable garden and aviary as seen from our front door.

The B&B is situated on 70 beautiful acres including wooded hiking trails, and a large area with friendly resident animals such as goats, donkeys, and ponies. There are also chickens, rabbits and a gaggle of somewhat alarming geese.

Typical view of one of the ponies when saying hello.

I thought I had taken lots of photos of the animals but apparently not. Probably while I thought I was taking pictures, instead I was interacting with them and offering handfuls of delicious grass (which was clearly far more delicious than the grass on their side of the fence), or stroking heads and noses, and I couldn't do two things at once. The animals get up close and personal and it's easy to get caught up in the moment.

I became kind of attached to the donkeys and was dismayed to see I didn't have any images of them — I'll have to be more mindful next time we stay there.

I mentioned earlier that there were collectables inside the apartment, but the collections weren't limited to the inside spaces. Nope — there were interesting, and dare I say artful, displays everywhere we looked outdoors, too.

For example, we could see an unusual vehicle just across the lawn from our front door. When I asked Jill what it was, she explained it was an old bus converted to a bunkhouse.

She cautioned us use the rear door if we wanted to look inside because the front door didn't work well.

As you can see, it is a bunkhouse. Yikes.

Not all the collections of items were currently being put to use, other than as sculptural art objects, but there were countless decrepit (though not without charm) old vehicles throughout the property.

Some more forlorn than others.

And not just cars. There were lots of metal objects and machinery.

Lots. Not to mention evidence of more arriving. Lucky there are 70 acres and a huge barn to make the collection seem smaller than it is. Kind of. Being a (reformed) collector myself, I found all the 'stuff' rather exciting.

Jill and her husband run a recycling business in town, and are gone most of the day, so guests pretty much have the farm to themselves, and are free to wander about to enjoy the sights and sounds undeterred.

I've shown you around the property a bit (there's more coming) and described one of the breakfasts Jill brought us. In my next post I'll give you an idea what we did while on Whidbey Island, and what was on breakfast tray number two. In the meantime, book yourself a few days respite at Someday Farm — if you can find some available dates! Have you ever stayed in a vegan establishment like this?

* Quoted from the Peaceable Kingdom Web site.


  1. This sounds so wonderful! I've heard of a couple vegan b&bs but not around here, so I've never been. must have been wonderful to have been so well taken care of, and a nice retreat.
    I LOVE the converted bus!! If only it were still mobile - I'd totally go on a road trip in that.
    Sweet pony nose. That's always a selling point for me.

    1. I loved having food brought to me each morning — without wondering if it was really animal-free. The bus was even more intriguing in person — so weird.

  2. Such a great post and it looks like a fantastic time! They really do know how to do breakfast there.

    I adore the dwelling you stayed in. So cute and wonderfully quirky. That kitchen alone is so terrific. I also love all the stuff around their grounds and especially love that they have animals! <3

    1. I'm already thinking about when we can go back — it was so much fun to stay there.

  3. I'm glad you led with that impressive breakfast spread, but the whole place does look wonderful.

    1. It was wonderful. The place is totally vegan and you can't bring any non-vegan food onto the premises. And it was so comfortable and relaxing.

  4. This place looks like a wonderland! Also fun fact: I have family that used to live on Whidbey Island. They moved to another island in the same area, but the name escapes me.

    1. The first time I heard of Whidbey Island was when my neighbor across the street in Madison, Wis., told me she lived there when she first got married and her husband was stationed there. Who knew one day I'd be living only an hour away!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time at Someday Farm Bed & Breakfast! Isn't it amazing to be served fabulous vegan breakfast? I had a vegan breakfast sent to my hotel room 4 days in a row, it was amazing:

    I would love to try that tofu quiche, that looks so good! These tea cups look adorable!

    1. Having breakfast served to me four days in a row would definitely spoil me for a long time.

  6. that looks heavenly! I mean, the setting is beautiful all the way, but those muffins and quiche would set me up so well for breakfast. I love that they've clearly put so much thought into it all.

    1. I think I need the muffin recipe! I could probably get used to living at Someday Farm without too much trouble.

  7. I am beyond jealous. I don't even know what to say. I just wish I had 1. known about this place. 2. stayed there. I love this.

    I stayed at a lacto-ovo-vegetarian/vegan-friendly B&B in Kitchener-Waterloo a month or two ago (little city farm), and if you ever come up this way - I'd totally recommend it. :D

    1. I hope you get to stay there next time you're in the area. When we lived in Wisconsin we used to go to Ontario a lot, but now it's kind of far away. :(

  8. Ah, now that's the life...! It's been a dream of mine to sleep at a vegan bed and breakfast, at least once, for quite a while now. This place really does sound utterly perfect in every way. I would consider planning a trip to Washington just to stay here.

    1. I can't believe I live so close and never stayed there before now. I definitely want to return for another few days. I just wish we could bring our dog — then it would be perfect.


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