April 18, 2008

Thai spring rolls

These have basically the same ingredients as the bun salad from the last post but the sauce should be thick and spicy. You use rice flour sheets to wrap the ingredients instead of putting them in a bowl. I recommend dipping them in a pan of warm water only long enough to make them flexible. If they get too wet they won't stick together and you'll have rolls like ours - falling apart and messy to eat! They will absorb enough moisture from the ingredients to completely soften the wrappers. We find the square wrappers seem to work better than the round ones.

note: When we made the rolls above, we used homemade seitan instead of tofu. We made these again tonight substituting sautéed tempeh instead of seitan, savoy cabbage instead of bok choy and no bean sprouts since we didn't have any. The sauce was unmeasured amounts of agave syrup, Chinese red pepper, fresh lime juice, red chili paste and unsweetened organic ketchup. It may sound weird but it worked!


  1. I love thai spring rolls, but I've only made them a handful of times--I've had the same problems with the rice paper sheets. These look great!

  2. I had to laugh when I read your comment that the spring rolls looked great. They did LOOK great and they tasted great, too, but they completely fell apart when we tried to eat them. (We ate them anyway, of course.) The second time we made them, we used different wrappers and followed the advice to just dip them in water a couple of times, and they behaved correctly. The square wrappers that worked had a pattern pressed into them that disappeared once they softened.


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