June 07, 2008

Chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies

I used to be far more conservative about using fat and sugar in baked goods than I am now. If a recipe had more than 1/4 cup of either of those ingredients, I wouldn't make it. As you can imagine, my baked goods were utilitarian, at best. Actually, I liked them, but other people regarded them as "healthy." (Overheard at an event to which I contributed cookies, "those look healthy. I think I'll try these instead.") I still think I'm better off with simpler desserts, but I give in now and then for special (and not so special) occasions. I enjoy baking things that look and taste good to friends and family, though I still try to keep things as healthy as I can.

Anyway, my husband made these cookies (He's getting so domestic. I didn't even ask for cookies!) from Post Punk Kitchen and they were electrifyingly good. Like little sparks of electricity with every bite. Real killers. He SAYS he only used 1/2 cup of oil and only 1 cup of sugar but who really knows. He may have said that to calm me since he knows I hate adding lots of oil and sugar to food. Or he may have sensed my presence watching over him as he measured out the oil and sugar, and truly cut back. I can't say for certain. I'll have to make them again myself to find out. They were the darkest chocolate cookie I've ever seen and REALLY good. You can make the original recipe or try a more conservative version a la husband. (He used white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. I would have used whole wheat pastry flour but the white whole wheat worked great. And he used sucanot for the sugar.) You can find the recipe here.

These clematis are growing in my garden.


  1. I'll second that - those cookies are awesome. I have made them also, out of the cookbook. My beef with the PPK is that I'm not that into desserts and there are more desserts than I would ever make. Still, the ones I've tried are always great.

  2. You're killin' me here. . . YUM. I used to get the same comments about my baking all the time--when I would give out free samples in stores, people would say, "Healthy? Um, no thanks." I just don't get it--why wouldn't someone WANT to be healthy?? But these look like a great (occasional) indulgence. :)

  3. Claire— It's nice to know where to go when you need a really great dessert.

    Ricki— One of my worst "healthy" stories was when I brought carob brownies to a party. I thought they were so delicious, and they were beautiful, too. A friend bit into one and immediately spit it out when he realized it wasn't chocolate. He said he didn't want to waste the calories on carob. This was a long time ago but is still disturbing. Why indeed? What's wrong with enjoying a healthy treat? Why does it have to be flooded with butter and sickeningly sweet?

    Your baked goods always look fantastic to me. My husband made the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and they were perfect!

  4. Andrea, I love reading your personal comments on cooking and consuming the edibles. Your brownies look scrumptious and the clematis is lovely!

  5. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा1/24/11, 1:42 PM

    Flowers look lovely and the cookies look fantastic :-)


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