November 07, 2008

POM pomegranate juice

A very strange thing happened. The blogger representing the company that produces Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice e-mailed me and offered to send me coupons to try their products. The person liked my blog and my efforts to offer healthy cooking ideas. I agreed to receive the coupons and sample the juice. I came home from work a few days later and noticed a shipping carton in our hallway but couldn't remember ordering anything. After I'd unwound a little from the workday, I took a look at the carton. Imagine my surprise to find a case of pomegranate juice inside! Eight eight-once bottles of garnet-colored juice.

The literature accompanying the bottles says it has more antioxygens than just about anything else. So while my husband had his glass of wine, I sipped my bottle of Pom. It's delicious, too. I wish they'd send me another case!

I really intended to create a recipe using pomegranate juice, but I drank it instead. It was just too tempting. Now we have a bunch of actual pomegranates from our last csa fruit share, in the refrigerator. I ate one outright and am contemplating the rest...


  1. Lucky you! I love POM juice--all the flavors. I also love pomegranates, but find I, like you, just eat the fruit straight rather than cook with it. I hate to dilute the flavor with anything else!

  2. I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have been sent free stuff from companies. I sure wish they would target me!

  3. Yes. I just couldn't get past the little bottle without drinking it. And I just eat the fruit, too.

    I had another offer of a free wheat grass juicer to give as a prize if I create some sort of contest. I haven't done anything with that one yet.

  4. Lucky! That's cool! And healthy-sounding....

  5. Lucky you! I have a half bottle of pom in my fridge but I can't remember how I used it.

  6. Andrea, my mom told me recently that a half teaspoon of black pepper was the secret to my grandmother's fabulous spice cake. It's barely noticeable, but definitely makes a subtle statement.

  7. Diann, now I have to make a spice cake and try the black pepper trick.


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