December 04, 2008

Post Thanksgiving wrap-up (only a week late)

After reading about so many of your amazing Thanksgiving celebrations, I'm finally getting around to noting ours. We went to a potluck celebration at our friends' house in the country, and the amount and variety of food was astounding. Naturally, I forgot to bring the camera, but you can get a little sense of the celebration here. For our contribution to the meal, I made stuffed roasted seitan and apple-cranberry sauce. My husband made delicious chocolate chip cookies.

I photographed the seitan still in its baking dish (top photo) before we left the house, and we took the serving platter with us. On the plate l'm showing leftovers that we had the next night, since as I said, I didn't bring my camera to the event. The seitan was stuffed with brown basmati rice, wild rice and whole wheat bread cubes with onions, mushrooms, garlic, celery, chipotlé, dried apricots and I can't remember what else. One of these days I should write down a recipe so I can make it the same way twice, but it hasn't happened yet.

And this is my after Thanksgiving breakfast—oatmeal topped with cranberry-apple sauce. Wisconsin is a big cranberry growing state so both the cranberries and the apples were local.


  1. That seitan looks amazing!


  2. Both look terrific! That top photo of the roast really looks like--a roast!! Love the idea of the apple-cranberry sauce--I find plain cranberry too intense for my taste.

  3. I saw the feast pictures, and your leftover plate looks just as wonderful. That roast really looks amazing and the stuffing must have been unbelievable!

  4. What an unusual addition to morning oatmeal! It looks very tasty though. I'm glad you enjoyed the holiday!

  5. Your Seitan is gorgeous! Topping oatmeal with cranberry sauce is such a terrific idea, too!


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