February 22, 2009

Seattle food diary - party time

Miss 1-year-old bypasses the cute gift outfit and goes for the tag.

I've just returned from nine days in Seattle (that's why no posts) partying, playing, hiking, shopping and of course, eating, with family. We had a fabulous time, and consumed mounds of wonderful food that we didn't have to cook ourselves! Our kids are amazing cooks, and between their hospitality and Seattle's vegan offerings, we ate too well. Over the next few posts I'll describe what we ate and offer recipes when available.

We went to Seattle to celebrate our granddaughter's first birthday, and the event included an open house party with lots of kids, grown-ups and food. Here's some of the party fare:

Spinach dip made with Trader Joe's vegan mayo

Pasta salad made by Uncle Aaron

No-bake oatmeal chocolate treats made by Grammy Judy

Cake from PCC Coop

The cupcakes sank dramatically, so an emergency run was made to the PCC food coop to purchase two vegan cakes, banana and chocolate, which got decorated with raisins. The cupcakes were then rescued by filling in the craters with mounds of frosting! They looked perfectly normal...

Chocolate cupcakes from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"


Red bean salad

Sweet Oliver keeps an eye on things. Wait, is that frosting on his nose?

Miss 1-year-old thinks food is good but cards are better.


  1. Welcome back, and thanks for the baby pics!!!

  2. The cupcakes turned out lovely, and just how I would want them, packed with frosting! It seems Oliver agrees :)

  3. Thanks, Claire. Glad you liked the pics. I'll gladly show you more anytime!

    The cupcakes had a LOT of frosting! Both kinds that my daughter-in-law made - banana and chocolate - caved in. But all's well that ends well, as they say. They looked and tasted great.

  4. Oh, Seattle is wonderful... isn't it? Glad you had such a great time!

    Cupcakes look like a fabulous save!


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