July 01, 2009

Red zinger smoothie

During our recent bout of steamy weather, I became smoothie obsessed. Not the "drink a green smoothie in the morning for your health" thing, but the "it's so hot the only thing I can think of consuming is an ice cold fruit smoothie" obsession. I made my smoothies with rice milk and various kinds of frozen fruit plus banana. One day it was so hot that even a rice milk smoothie seemed too heavy. My husband made a big gallon jar full of cold Red Zinger tea, and I made Red Zinger smoothies with frozen mango chunks and frozen raspberries. Curiously refreshing, as they say. This was the perfect refreshment for a ghastly hot day.


  1. Mmm. Habiscus is perfect for the hot weather -- and papaya and raspberries sound even better. YUM. Now, if only the heat would come back :)

  2. I LOVE Red Zinger tea--what a brilliant idea! I am going to have to make up some Red Zinger iced tea ASAP...


  3. Ricki,
    It hit the spot in the heat. Very cooling.

    Yes, where did summer go? It was SO hot and now it's cold. I went from tank tops to long sleeves and a jacket overnight. That's Wisconsin for you.

  4. That looks really refreshing. Frozen mango is my favorite ingredient for smoothies.

  5. That sounds wonderful, I'm definitely going to try this during our next heat wave!

  6. Sounds like something I'd like to make if it ever warms up again!!!

  7. Courtney,
    Your comment must have sneaked in there as I was writing my last response, and I missed it! I think Red Zinger is my favorite iced tea, and now it will be my favorite smoothie base when it's really hot out.

    Finding frozen mango chunks at Trader Joe's has created a new addiction for me.

    Kitchen Witch,
    I'm patiently waiting for our next heat wave. It's suddenly much too cool for summer here.

    Will it ever warm up again? I like it about 80˚.

  8. Can you tell me how much of each that you did?

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for your comment. The post was written more than eight years ago, and honestly, I have no idea exactly what I did. I wish I had measured, but it sounds like I was fading from the heat when I wrote it! If I were making the smoothie today, I might start with one cup of tea and a ripe banana. Then I'd add a half cup of frozen mango chunks and a half cup of frozen raspberries. I'd keep adding mango, if needed, until I had the texture I wanted. I hope that helps.


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