September 20, 2009

Scrambled tempeh, Singapore noodles, general weirdness

Last night we attended an outdoor evening performance of Lullaby Moon, a celebration of the new moon and of dreams. The Lullaby Moon Web site says:
Lullaby Moon is a year-long invitation to Seattle to explore a world of dream. A celebration of the night sky, the series of performance events brings bedtime whimsy and wonder to parks and other public spaces throughout the city, enlivening and enlightening the dark time of each month. Performances take place on each new moon for an entire lunar year beginning in October 2008.
I can describe this event but really, I think you would have had to be there. It took place in Magnuson Park on Lake Washington. As soon as we got out of the car, we saw a line of female figures with horse heads, all in white, pushing antique white baby buggies filled with white flowers. They proceeded from the parking lot down the long winding path to the lake shore where the rest of the white-clad characters and objects interacted with the night and the audience. Along the path we also encountered an entirely white-clad young man riding an enormous antique-looking white tricycle. On the grassy "stage" there were large white beds with billowing white quilts, occupied by a changing cast of characters.

There were clock people and rabbits, and black-tuxedo clad people as well. There was a live orchestra playing lullabies and other nocturnal music, and when it got dark, there were lights. We were there with Miss E, who at 17 months, was transfixed - alternating between glee and awe.

I'm glad we forced ourselves to go out on a gloomy, overcast evening, unfed, to enjoy this spectacle of fantastic weirdness. No real supper for us last night, but we have been sampling recipes during the past week.

My son cooked one night, and he made Singapore noodles. It was really delicious but when I asked him where he got the recipe, he said he watched a you-tube video.

We also tried Scrambled Tempeh from Vegan Brunch and it was great. There were a couple of additions and subtractions to accommodate our refrigerator's contents but the tempeh was prepared according to the recipe, and kale was the green of choice. (subtracted peppers and added zucchini and green beans)

update: Here's a link to the Singapore noodle video my son watched before making our dinner. He veganized the recipe but I don't have any specific information about what he did other than to use tofu instead of meat.


  1. Fascinating! It looks kind of like a more dream like Alice in Wonderland!

    Mmmmm I used to love Singapore Noodles. I haven't had them since I went vegetarian because the only recipe I had was meaty :( I'll have to go hunting!

  2. That fair looks like such fun. I love all things *moon* so I would have been just as mesmerized.

  3. It looks like a beautiful performance!

    I think I should watch more youtube videos, I didn't know you could find such delicious recipes there.

  4. Vegetation,
    Yes, I did tell someone I felt like we gone through the looking glass!

    I think we were all mesmerized!

    You can find surprising cooking videos on youtube.

  5. Wow, those Singapore noodles look great, I've never had anything like that before.

    I'm a huge fan of tempeh scramble... I think I might even like it more than tofu (don't tell anyone I said that ;) ). At this place in Portland I get a tempeh scramble, I don't know what they do to it, but it's incredible and coated in nooch.

    That Lullaby Moon event looks trippy...

  6. Kris,
    I really liked the noodles - will have to look for the youtube video so I can post a link.

    I'm with you on the tempeh scramble.

    The Lullaby Moon event WAS trippy.

  7. Oh, how I long for the weirdness that is Seattle -- so much great stuff! Lullaby Moon is yet another of those things that makes me long for my next visit.

    The Singapore noodles are completely making me drool. Have been looking for a good recipe, so I'd love it if you'd post the video when you find it.

    Haven't tried a tempeh scramble -- but it looks awesome. Love the idea of moving more towards fermented foods like tempeh, though -- so I'm definitely going to give it a go.

  8. Lo,
    You could take in some of the weirdness that is Madison - it's a lot closer. Have you been to the Willy St. Fair lately? Is Milwaukee not weird? :)

    The noodles came from here: My son veganized the recipe but the original contained pork, chicken, egg, and oyster sauce.

    I really love tempeh — it takes seasonings well and has a nice texture. It can have a slight bitter taste (depending on brand) that some people dislike, but steaming it before cooking gets rid of that.


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