June 21, 2010

Father's Day | Birthday | Fremont Solstice parade (nudity alert)

The weekend was full of action with the Solstice, Father's Day and our youngest son's 25th birthday. Our oldest son and DIL hosted a Father's Day/birthday brunch with lots of good food.

Here's the dad and his three sons, smiling for the camera. The birthday boy is the second from the right.

Our middle son (second from the left in the photo) made pita bread, and hummus and baba ghanouj. He made the pita from a Peter Reinhart recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice, and the dips were based on recipes found here. Of course, everything was amazing.

The birthday boy brought orange juice and grapefruits, and our DIL made a tofu quiche from The Urban Vegan, and roasted potatoes and garlic. I forgot to photograph the quiche until there was only one piece left in the pan. Never got to the potatoes in time.

I also forgot to photograph my plate until it was mostly demolished. I was really hungry and the food looked and smelled so good. Tasted good, too.

I made the cake but it was more of a brunch cake than a traditional birthday cake. It was apple-cranberry cake but with 1-1/2 cups of fresh, organic blueberries instead of cranberries, and one large chopped apple. I also added a teaspoon of cocoa to the cinnamon-sugar mix but I couldn't really taste it in the cake.

Here's a happy, well-fed party guest.


Fremont Solstice ParadeOn Saturday we attended our first Fremont Solstice Parade. I'd been hearing about this parade for years — crazy inventive floats, outrageous costumes, and nude bicyclists. That's right, the parade opens with a mind-boggling number of irreverent bicyclists (and a few walkers) wearing only body paint, and perhaps a few accessories like shoes or hats. (A very few, less bold participants, wear thongs or bikini bottoms.) The paint is extremely creative and the crowd is ultra enthusiastic. I debated whether or not to post my photos, and decided that yes, I would share a few of the more modest shots. But not that modest. You've been warned. I also want to mention that floats are not allowed to be motorized and must be pushed, pulled or peddled by humans. After the bikers go by, the parade continues with dancers, musicians and other participants in bathtubs, on floats, in peddle-powered submarines or just on foot.


  1. I WANT TO GO TO THERE! Seriously, the dizzy hippy that I am (not so) deep down inside is in love with that parade. It looks like you had so much fun!

    And your family get together looks ever better. What a wonderful time you had, and what yummy food!

  2. Are any/all of your boys vegan? Is your granddaughter being raised vegan?

  3. That parade sounds crazy!

  4. What a sweet photo of your hubby and sons! 3 boys?! You must be a saint :-)

    Oh my goodness...I bike to and from work every day, and the thought of biking nude makes me shudder, lol. Talk about uncomfortable! The body paint is truly impressive, though. What a fun parade!


  5. Good god, nude bicycling would never be allowed where I live. Er, that said, it sounds like a lot of fun...secretly I think it would be thrilling to cycle in the nude...this though from the girl who feels naked and vulnerable without a helmet...wah, the USA is such a strange and schizoid country!

  6. Tasha,
    You would have loved the parade. The participants were enthusiastic and the crowd was appreciative to the max.

    It's a treat to be able to have family get-togethers after living so far away from everyone. If only I didn't still miss my friends.

    Two of my boys are in relationships with omnivores and one with a vegetarian. They all seem to choose vegan most of the time but occasionally eat dairy products or eggs. My granddaughter is being raised as a vegetarian. (I think.)

    The parade WAS crazy, in a fun way. There was a lot of creativity "displayed."

    Thanks for the photo compliment. If you do decide to ride to and from work nude, I can tell you that black paint and lots of pattern provides the best coverage. :)

    Apparently, nude bicyclists were just arrested where I used to live. Strange and schizoid would certainly describe Fremont, the Seattle neighborhood where the parade took place. And I kind of want to ride in this parade, too, but I secretly fear the difficulty of removing the paint!

  7. What a handsome family! I LOVE bearded men. And now I think I love nude cyclists, too! Wow!

  8. Thank you, Penny.

    I loved the nude cyclists, too, but my personal favorite was the guy with the walker. As he passed by the crowd went crazy.

  9. oh my gosh awesome! my favorite is the guy with the walker, too. fabulous photos. i wish i could've been there.

    what if it rained and washed them all naked? not that they aren't naked already, but the paint does at least allow for a hint of modesty...i also wonder how they kept it on in areas that have a lot of, you know, friction and perspiration...suddenly i'm deeply curious about these people and their body paint and motivations.

  10. Emily,
    I noticed in some of my photos (didn't notice so much in person) that the paint kind of creased and rubbed off in some areas. It was really chilly at the parade which probably helped with perspiration, and the rain stopped just before the parade started, so that wasn't an issue. I would think the paint is somewhat water resistant, but yes, what would happen in the rain? Watching, I sort of wanted to be up there riding with the painted bikers, but probably wouldn't have the nerve. The energy and hilarity level was very high!

    Him, and another couple whose photo I didn't publish!

  11. I am giving you a Sunshine Award on my blog :)

  12. Happy belated father's day to your husband. I love that all four have beards!
    That woman coverred in silver paint looks exactly like a woman I saw on the tume in Berlin this weekend. She was heading to the Christopher Street Day.
    I think it's really awesome that people of all shapes take part in the solstice festival.

  13. How fun! Great family time and nude bicyclists, what more could you ask for? :-) I can't imagine riding nude, seems like it would be a bit uncomfortable. But it sure does look fun.

  14. I think it should be illegal to mention baba ghanoush in blogs. Every time I merely _see_ the word I start to crave it!

  15. Kiersten,
    Thanks! If there's one thing we can use here in Seattle it's a little sunshine.

    Thanks. The oldest son (on the far right) usually only has a goatee but has let his beard grow for a week. I wonder if he'll decide to keep it.

    I, too, liked that people of all shapes, sizes and ages took part in the festival — both clothed and nude!

    Chow vegan,
    I'm with you on riding nude — can't quite imagine it but it does look like fun! The participants all seemed to be having a great time but I guess I'll probably have to enjoy the fun vicariously.

    Thanks for your comment! Now that you reminded me of that delicious flavor, I'm craving it too.

  16. You had me at nudity! Where do they get that paint? How about an over 40's nude vegan blogger parade? I'm there if you are, Andrea!

  17. Blessedmama,
    I've never personally looked into purchasing body paint (:D) but there were a LOT of bikers so it must be easily available. Yikes, a nude vegan blogger parade would blow our cover big time. (literally speaking) I'd say OK but I don't feel comfortable excluding bloggers under 40.

  18. Whew! I'm glad you declined. I was afraid you'd hold me to it! Yes, and then people would know a whole heck of a lot more than my name, heh.

  19. Count me in on the "love beards" club. Until I dated the HH, I never had a serious relationship with anyone who didn't have a beard! (And not only does he have a beard, but your son BAKES BREAD! No doubt he is going to make some woman very happy).

    As for the parade, yes, looks like fun, and sure, body paint, and really, who cares if they're nude? BUT all I could think when I saw the photos was, "oooh, how unsanitary. I sure hope no one else decides to ride those bikes after these folks are done with them. . . ". Just call me Howie Mandel.

  20. Blessedmama,
    No worries. :D

    Not only does he bake bread, but he cooks like a chef. And there already is a terrific, lucky woman.

    About the bikes. Most of the riders had their seat covered in plastic, but a little disinfectant should take care of everything. :D


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