November 18, 2010

More Viva Vegan

It's time for more cookbook love for Viva Vegan. After his first successful recipe adventure with Latin food, my husband was anxious to try some more.

This time he made Latin Baked Tofu as the main dish. The marinade for this dish was so delicious I just wanted to eat it all right off the tofu.

To go with the tofu we had Yellow Rice With Garlic, another winner. I'm really enjoying the flavored rice dishes as opposed to plain old boring brown rice. It's nice to have a change once in a while.

To balance the plate, we had roasted brussels sprouts — not a cookbook recipe but a family favorite. Brussels sprouts turn into veggie candy when they're roasted. Yum. This will probably be one of our Thanksgiving sides.

Here's my plate. Can we eat like this every night?


  1. Ok, you've convinced me: I need this cookbook. Viva, Viva Vegan!

    Sprouts look great too; I lurve brussel's sprouts, especially good as roasted broccoli, or better:) .

  2. Must...get...this...cookbook. Word on the Brussels sprouts, Rose. They're great every way, except frozen.

  3. brussels sprouts always look so much tastier to me when roasted

  4. Rose,
    I think most veggies taste better roasted.

    I think we can all agree Brussels sprouts deserve to be at the table.

    They ARE tastier roasted! I bet they'd be good grilled, too.

  5. Roasted brussels sprouts are amazing! When I make them there is little that stops me from eating the whole batch. They show up on my Thanksgiving table every year too.

  6. You convinced me with your first Viva Vegan lovefest post, Andrea! Our copy just arrived early this week, plus I got one for a local vegan friend for Christmas. We haven't tried anything out of it yet, but your posts will help us decide where to start! It all looks muy maravilloso!

  7. Kiersten,
    I can't agree more. We can never seem to make enough.

    I wonder what you'll make first. I'm thinking of making some green onion salsa for our Thanksgiving table.

  8. All of these dishes look so yummy!

  9. Add me to the list of converts. I'll probably be buying Viva Vegan!

  10. Katherine,
    They tasted good, too.

    That's what happened to me when I read all the blog reviews.

  11. That looks amazing! I love that cookbook too. Unless that's not the one I own - I'm too tired to get up and look. But I use one of hers a lot, and don't recognize those recipes.... so I will look for them. Mainly I seem to bake cookies, because she does really great cookies. But you're inspiring me.

  12. Claire,
    Nice to hear from you. :D

    Via Vegan is by Terry Hope Romero, who wrote other books with Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Are you thinking of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar?

  13. I've been seeing tons of great MoFo blogs with Viva Vegan recipes. And can you believe I bought this book for a friend before buying it for myself!?
    I had Brussels sprouts once as a kid and never again since. I need to give them another chance and try roasting them!

  14. Bunz,
    Of course I believe it. That's because you're a kind, generous person. Or maybe you're hoping your friend will invite you to dinner?

    Roasting brussels sprouts really brings out their charm. The first time I had asparagus they were cooked to a mush, and disgusting. I was afraid to eat them again for years, but I think I've made up for all the ones I missed.

  15. Can I come eat at your house? This sounds like an awesome dinner....right down my alley! :o)

  16. You know, we don't eat like this every night, but we'll arrange for something special if you show up for dinner. :D

  17. Viva Vegan really is the best!


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