September 28, 2011

"Mirror mirror on the wall ..."

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest dog of all?


  1. Why, Buffy of course.

    What a sweetie!

  2. GSGV,

    She's taken to sleeping by the mirror as if she wishes for a companion.

    I was feeling a little nostalgic when I put up the post as Buffy wasn't doing so well yesterday. Today she seems much better though I did take her to the vet for a checkup.

    Thank you. Buffy hates having her photo taken, and always looks very serious when I point the camera at her. She's never been a smiley dog, though she is a very sweet girl.

  3. How sweet is she! What a great photo.

  4. Elsie does that all the time! (except I don't think she realizes it's her own reflection) ;) That Buffy is the cutest. :D

  5. Christina,
    Thanks. She's my sweet baby!

    I'm sure Buffy doesn't know it's her reflection. She was never interested in mirrors before, and now she pushes her pillows in front of the mirror and lies there nose to nose with herself. It makes me wonder if she's lonely.

  6. Hmm, I think Buffy's pondering her collar and is wondering why it isn't diamond-studded for a worthy dog such as herself!

  7. Blessedmama,
    I hadn't thought of that, but maybe you're right, though she'd probably prefer one studded with carrots rather than carats.


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