November 14, 2011

Seattle vegan blogger meetup

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a Seattle vegan blogger potluck at my little house. There were five of us enjoying delicious food and good conversation. Attendees included Bethany from Spotted Devil Cat and his Vegan Asst., Rose, from Dandelion Blog, Samantha, from Novel Eats, and Natalie, who is still planning her blog. Calling in sick at the last minute were Sonnet from For the Love of Food, and Helen, from Vegtastic.

So what did five plant-based bloggers bring to the table?

Rose brought a large platter of delicious kabobs and spring rolls with two dipping sauces. (You can see the rolls at the top of the post.)

Natalie arrived with an amazing millet dish she called sour cereal. It was flavored with a masala.

Bethany shared a yummy cheesy casserole filled with veggies and topped with mochi.

I made Thai coconut corn soup, based on a recipe by Nava Atlas.

And Samantha brought not one ...

but two gorgeous platefuls of cookies — chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.

What can I say?

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  1. What fun! I'm sure you all had such a great time, and the spread looks delicious!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting the potluck Andrea! I had a good time, and of course all the food was delicious, and some wonderful ideas for future meals tummy was very happy.

    Gorgeous food pics as usual...I feel like a dunce that I didn't bring my camera.

  3. I wish I lived there now! That had to have been so much fun. Great food!

  4. I didn't realize you were hosting the meetup at your house! What fun! Looks like a delicious time was had by all, and I sure wish I could have joined in. What a shame two people had to call in sick (something going around in Seattle?), and Rose - several gentle lashes with an overcooked organic soba noodle for not bringing your camera! Dang girl, you can have your vegan credentials temporarily suspended for failing to bring your camera to a vegan food event. ;-)

  5. Those cookies look perfect! Meeting up with local bloggers is always so much fun.. and getting vegan food cooked by other vegans is always a big plus!! :D

  6. Cadry,
    Well, yes, yes and yes!

    My pleasure. It was great to finally meet you in person, though it didn't feel like we were meeting for the first time. Did you notice that I was the only one with a camera! But that's probably because it was at my house. :)

    It would be great if you lived here, but don't forget about the weather when you say that. :D

    Rose actually stuffed her spring rolls with the brown rice noodles I mentioned in the noodle post — they tasted just like the regular kind and had a great texture. When you come to visit, we'll have to schedule an event just for you.

    The cookies WERE perfect. It's very cool to go to a potluck and not have to ask what's in everything.

  7. How awesome! So Rose's food is tasty and not just photogenic, huh?
    The millet dish sounds really interesting.

  8. how fun! I love having meetups with local pals. I've made some really nice friends with the other vegan bloggers in Santa Cruz. :)

  9. Maud,
    Duh. :) Of course it's not just pretty!

    The millet WAS extremely interesting, and I didn't even realize it was millet. I'm hoping Natalie will let me post the recipe.

    It's always nice to meet up with like-minded folks. I'm looking forward to more get-togethers.

  10. Total lol, at Laloofah's comment! Leave it to her to come up with an appropriate punishment for being remiss in vegan blogging responsibilities! :D

    And Maud...sometimes it's tastier then others, but it's not always pretty. :D

  11. I can't believe no one else brought a camera! Everyone brought great dishes, though. So fun!

  12. How cool is that that there are so many vegan food bloggers in Seattle that you can actually have a meetup? I'm on that site too in Sacto by the way! Woo hoo. What I do wish besides the pics of gorgeous food is that we could see some pics of the gorgeous people attending!

  13. all the sudden when I leave you guys do this? ahhh I miss you all now even more. well maybe we can do one when I come to town sometime. all the food looks great.

  14. Rose,
    You may have to take a remedial class in vegan blogger 101. :)

    I was pretty surprised to find myself the only one at a vegan blogger event with a camera. I almost didn't use it, but the urge was too great. :D

    Are you saying you don't have enough vegan bloggers where you live?

    You know vegan bloggers tend to be shy about being photographed or using their real names. :)

    We were inspired by Vida Vegan Con. We'll see if we can keep it up. I think it would be fun to host meetups for visiting bloggers, so be sure to let people know when you visit!

  15. I'll move to Seattle right away for that! :o) Sounds like so much fun and what great foods ya'll had!

  16. Why I certainly don't know what you're talking about. Hmm.

  17. How fun! Everything looks super delicious! :-)

  18. Michelle,
    Let me know when you arrive. :D


    Chow vegan,
    It WAS fun and delicious.


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