February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!

Over the weekend I visited a magical place in Seattle called Bedrock. They manufacture artful objects from 100% recycled glass. In addition to garden art, window treatments and various items like coasters, jewelry, etc., they sell materials for glass artists, landscapers, and also teach classes. I was looking for a few touchable objects to display in a large black bowl that sits on our coffee table, and the small, polished glass hearts and round things, plus a string of beads I found in the outlet room for 25 cents, did the trick. The small, wrapped heart in the middle is a chocolate heart that will be given to my granddaughter this evening. Valentine's Day is also her birthday, and she'll get a birthday gift and a chocolate heart. I wonder which one will grab her attention the most.


Today is the last day to vote. I don't exactly fit the profile of a young mom raising kids, but hey, I AM a mom and I raised three vegan boys.

My rank is steadily slipping from a "high" of #23 to my current rank at #31. I'm OK with that, but it would be more fun to be in the top 25. I'd be honored to have your vote(s). You can vote once every 24 hours. :D


  1. Pretty hearts! Is that all food?

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  2. No. All but the small, wrapped chocolate heart in the center are made of glass. I meant to add a note about them in the post. Maybe I'll do it now.

  3. Oh I love the crafty stuff in Seattle like that. Miss it.

    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

    I have been voting for you, but just so you know, the other people above you have been tweeting/facebooking quite often about it. I love the topic and think you are all great, but I wish it was a one vote/one person thing, because it's not about pushiest veg mom, is it? I want you to be in top 25 too, you deserve it!

  4. Those hearts are so pretty! It took me a while to see which one was candy; they all look like colorful candies! What a fun idea to have them as a table decoration, and that they're touchable! Have a wonderful time with your grand-daughter today!

  5. Bitt,
    Maybe there's some weird crafty stuff in your new locale that you haven't discovered yet.I would never have known about Bedrock if someone hadn't told me about it.

    Thanks for your support! I'm not good about tweeting and facebooking stuff like this, and that's what you have to do, I guess. Oh well. Maybe there will be a not-pushy-enough-vegan-moms competition. Everyone will tie for first place. :D

    They had some very cool stuff at Bedrock — you should take a look, just for fun. The glass was so pretty I just wanted to scoop it up and bring it all home. But, then what? Glad I could just buy a few hearts and be happy.

  6. Andrea, I've been crazily voting for Dreena and yourself! What a long, stressful competition!! ;) Matt

  7. Matt,
    Hahaha! You're the best. Thank heavens it's over ... and I didn't come in last.

  8. So pretty! At first I thought they were made of agar or something--!! ;)

    I voted for you, too. But I agree with Bitt--these things tend to be about who shouts the loudest or asks for votes most often. I find that tiring, too. Next one!

  9. Knowing what you're capable of, I initially assumed that these were the fanciest, vegan jigglers (remember from jello?) that ever existed. I'm extremely glad that I was wrong ;-)

  10. Ricki,
    Maybe next year I'll try to reproduce them in agar. :D (just kidding, I think.) Thanks for voting for me. I made the top 31, which I suppose is better than the bottom 31!

    Clearly, you think too highly of me. Jigglers made of glass are all I can manage.

  11. Those are so pretty. At first (like most commenters it seems!) I thought they were candies. :)

  12. MeShell,
    I did put them on a plate which was a little tricky, but I had to create at least a passing relationship to food. :D

  13. A glass class sounds like a lot of fun. Will you go there one day?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Mihl,
    It crossed my mind, but probably not. HAppy Valentine's Day to you, too!


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