June 14, 2016

Five-spice chickpea noodle bowl revisited plus other random edibles

Five-spice chickpea peanut noodle bowl.

In my last post — a review of Protein Ninja by Terry Hope Romero — I said I loved one of the recipes so much I was going to re-make it to bring as my contribution to a dinner at a friend's house. Well, I did just that on Saturday, and it was fantastic. I made a couple of changes to make it more of a salad than a bowl,  but basically it was the same. Instead of four to six ounces of long rice noodles, I used about 12 ounces of fusili, I added an extra half can of chickpeas, and possibly there was a bit more shredded cabbage. And I had way too much! After filling my large serving bowl about 1/2 full, I packed the rest away in the refrigerator to use for lunches and dinners!

Rather than wait until the last minute to make the salad, I prepared the components in the morning to be  assembled before leaving for the party at 4:30. While the chickpeas were roasting, I prepped the veggies, boiled water and cooked the noodles, and made the peanut sauce. I kept the parts separate until it was almost time to leave, then mixed all into a beautiful salad. Such a great dish!

On Sunday we took the ferry to Port Townsend to attend a lecture by Dr. Michael Klaper. I was inspired to try eating a little differently than usual, and I'll share the foods I've tried (amazingly delicious) in my next post, but I'd better post my saved random eats photos now, just in case Dr. Klaper has a lasting impact on my diet, and my photos no longer reflect my eating style. I suspect things will probably not change much, but you never know.

What you are looking at is my modern-day version of a gluten-free (or not) bannock, as might have been consumed during the 1700s in Scotland. (As an Outlander fan, I felt the need to make these one day.) My bannock, in this case, is filled with barbecued tempeh — not very 18th century Scottish, I know. The bannock recipe I concocted appeared on the blog, here. I received a letter from a reader not long ago saying she tried making the bannocks, and the recipe failed, so I immediately got to work making some. I tried the recipe twice, and it worked both times, but so many things can vary with baking ingredients, it's impossible to guarantee perfect results. I should ask my husband to make them, and watch to see if there's anything I can do to make the recipe better.

My husband made this, and after tasting one bite I said, "whoa, this is amazing!" Turns out he made ye'atakilt alicha from Teff Love by Kittee Berns. He tricked me by serving it with rice instead of injera. I had just read a blog post by Kittee and had been wishing for Ethiopian food, so it was perfect timing. If you don't own Teff Love, you should go buy it right now.

I do love my noodle bowls. This one has shredded red cabbage, cucumber, arugula, green onion, and microwaved extra firm tofu with Bragg's.

I'm getting pretty good at turning leftover stir-fries, stews, or whatever into burgers. These contained a lentil and rice dish (mostly rice and very dry lentils), leftover veggies (I think cauliflower and carrots), hemp seeds, garbanzo flour, herbs and spices, dried onion and garlic, and a bit of water and tomato for processing. Zip zip in the food processor, mold into patties and cook in a pan on the stove top or in the oven. They were great hot for lunch, and the leftover cold ones made delicious sandwiches to take on out ferry trip to Port Townsend. No recipe needed. Do you like to experiment and cook without recipes? Have you had a favorite success?

Last but not least, this is one of my typical breakfast bowls, with homemade yogurt, blueberries, o's, hemp seeds and raisins. And there's also a banana buried in there!

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  1. Next time I need a name for my a band, I'm going to call it the Random Edibles! I'm having a real noodle bowl phase right now, and yours looks so good.

    1. Hmmm. Maybe I should have a band instead of a blog. Noodle bowls are soothing and delicious — can't get enough of them! Rice or quinoa bowls are fine, but there's just something special about noodle bowls!

  2. What you're eating now looks pretty darn good, I can't imagine you changing your eating style. :-) Love your idea of making burger patties out of leftovers!

    1. It's pretty hard for me to imagine changing things up, too, but my husband wants to lose a bit of weight (specifically stomach size) and we may try to follow Dr. Klaper's dietary advice to see if it helps. As for the burgers, I was pretty surprised how easy it was to turn leftovers into a completely different, delicious form. Sure beats eating them for three days!

  3. I admire yr adventurous spirit in whipping those veggie burgers together from any old thing. Sounds like a second nature that I do not have.
    That chickpea pasta bowl sounds so delicious! I bought 5 spice once a long time ago for some very specific recipe and am not sure i'd ever be able to use it all up.
    The bannock sounds good! Did you know that there's an Outlander cookbook out now? I don't watch the show or know much about the series, but the cookbook seems interesting theoretically... lotsa meat though.
    Perfect looking breakfast bowl, really 100%

    1. You seem to put together some damn clever food combinations — I bet you would be able to make a burger or two. At first I wasn't sure it would work, but so far so good.

      I used to avoid 5-spice because of the anise. But I've managed to overcome much (NOT all) of my aversion, and when it's in 5-spice powder, it's A-OK.

      As for the Outlander cookbook, it's pretty animal-based, and while I could probably veganize the recipes, I guess I don't want to. I'd like to see the recipe for bannocks, though, and may try to find a copy in a book store sometime. If the book contained good pinups of Jamie, I might change my mind. :D

  4. Have enjoyed reading about your "random edibles". I'm always looking for inspiration as it's too easy to fall into a rut when busy, and choose the same old defaults. The one that really grabbed me, though, is that beautiful photo of your bannock, with bbq tempeh; a must-make! Thanks.

    1. Thank you Gina. I don't make the bannocks often, but when I do I'm always glad I did. And yes, I know exactly what you mean by falling into ruts!

  5. my diner can not complete without salad. this recipe will try.


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