April 18, 2017

How to impress the kids with an air fryer

Two of my young grandchildren recently spent the day with us, and at one point during the visit I saw my nine-year-old granddaughter looking at my food blog on my husband's computer. I had no idea she even knew about the blog, and I asked her how she found it. "I just googled your name," she said. "Look. I'll show you how." Okay. That was weird. But it got even better.

"I love looking at pictures of food," she said. "Want to see my favorite thing?" she asked. "Ummm sure," I answered. She then went to an air fryer post and found a photo of French fries.

This is the photo she showed me. "Fries are my favorite food. I wish I could have these right now," she said, wistfully. "You can!" I answered, and less than 20 minutes later, she was sitting in front of a plate of puffy, crispy fries, which she devoured. I think the air fryer has become the most used appliance in the kitchen. And I now have super powers!

I admit, in the beginning days of owning the air fryer, I was so obsessed with fries (and tofu) that every time I went to make something in the air fryer, I ended up making one of those two things. I've expanded my repertoire a bit, though if I'm being honest, they are still my favorites.


  1. Your granddaughter sounds like such a cool kid! I wish I was that savvy, or naturally inquisitive at that age. It must be said that you're also quite the rock star grandmother with your famous blog and nifty cooking contraptions. ;)

    1. I laughed out loud when I read your comment! Nifty cooking contraptions, maybe, but I only wish I had a famous blog. :D

  2. What a cool grandma, whipping out delicious low-fat fries on demand! You have me intrigued with that air fryer. I made vegan tempeh "wings" tonight (which is how I happened upon your blog) and they turned out OK, my family ate them, but they would have been much better if they'd been crispy (I baked them without oil).

  3. I love fries as a kid, still do. So awesome that you can whip out healthy fries so quick, super powers indeed. And what great memories for your granddaughter - grandma makes the best fries. :-)

  4. I can see why the grandkids loved the fries - they look fab! I'm also mightily impressed that you've managed to find the secret of grandchildren whispering and it was in your kitchen all along!


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