April 12, 2009

An evening with friends

My dinner plate.

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day - sunny and warm. I spent a lot of time in the late morning cooking food to take to our friends Claire and Alan's house in the country for a belated Seder. I made potato stuffing, cranberry-apple sauce, mock chopped liver (recipe coming soon), salad, golden macaroons and chocolate-covered matzo (recipe below). Because one of the guests avoids gluten, the stuffing, macaroons, cranberries and salad were all gf. (I made the macaroons with rice flour and coconut flour and the stuffing contained potatoes, onions and buckwheat.)

The hosts and other guests made sweet potato casserole, soup, fruit salad, roasted asparagus, amazing apple crisp and who knows what else. We had a Seder, then a feast of food and friendship.

Although when we left our house at 4:30 it was warm enough to wear only a sweater, by the time we left our hosts' home in the valley, the outdoor thermometer was registering 31˚ F. It's hard to believe how fickle Wisconsin weather can be.

Just look at these gorgeous organic roasted asparagus.

GF macaroons.

Potato stuffing

Chocolate covered matzo
Spread 4 sheets of whole wheat matzo with Earth Balance margarine and sprinkle each with 1 teaspoon of evaporated cane juice. Place on a cookie sheet and place in a 325˚ F oven for 1 minute. (The margarine and sugar are optional. You really only need the chocolate in the next step.) Remove from the oven and cover the matzo with about 1-1/2 cups dark chocolate chips. Place back into the oven for a minute or until the chocolate chips are soft. (They won't lose their shape so poke one with a knife to see if they're soft.) Remove from the oven and use a knife to spread the softened chips to the edges of the matzo. Carefully place the matzo in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. This takes 5 to 10 minutes. Break the matzo into pieces.


  1. Your plate looks delicious! How awesome of you to make verything gluten free.

  2. What a feast! The weather here is equally fickle--but as long as the trend is up, that's okay :) I know that matzo dish is very popular and made it for a seder last year, but didn't have success with it. As everyone there said, it's still matzo! (Why not just eat the chocolate?) ;)

  3. Mihl, Thanks for your comment. I like to make things that everyone can eat because I know how happy I am when others do that for me.

    This was my first try with the chocolate matzo. Everyone at the table loved it, and it flew off the plate. Even my matzo-hating son liked it! I liked it, too, but I like matzo.

  4. I like the look of the chocolate matzo. It's a new one on me.

  5. Everything was sooooo delicious! Thanks for posting the recipes!

  6. Such a beautiful feast! I'd love to make those macaroons.

  7. I still have leftovers in the fridge although it seems like all I do is eat them. I ate just a simple salad for supper, then polished it off with the apple crisp. I still have stuffing, cranberries and macaroons but the chocolate matzo is gone, gone, gone. Think I'll go eat a macaroon!


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