June 18, 2008

Rabbit-free lettuce

This is not a cooking post. It's a post about growing lettuce when you live in a rabbit warren. Seriously, growing lettuce was a real challenge when I tried to grow it normally, in the ground.

Then I was at a party last year and the host had a huge urn filled with lettuce in her garden. She was doing it because it looks incredibly cool to have bright green lettuce growing in a giant pot, but I'm doing it because the rabbits haven't learned to climb, yet, AND it looks incredibly cool to have lettuce growing in a giant pot. We have tons of lettuce now, and it's clean, too.


  1. Looks gorgeous! What an innovative idea to grow it.

  2. It does look beautiful! My problem is not rabbits but slugs.

    The Problem, in 3 parts:
    (1) Slugs can climb.
    (2) Bait works well but must be replenished.
    (3) I am lazy.


  3. Ricki, I wish I could take credit for the idea!

    Lulu, eewww. When we stayed outside of Vancouver for six weeks one summer, I saw my first giant slugs and they were the size of horribly overgrown zucchinis. If that's what you have, you should probably get your lettuce at the market! If it's just ordinary slugs, couldn't you spread a band of something sticky and unpleasant to slugs around the urn? I don't know. We don't have slugs, but rabbits and cutworms make gardening a challenge. And squash borers. Not to mention the little green worms that love kale.

  4. It's just the little slugs that I have, plus garden snails. And yes, I could put bait around the containers. Good point. You were very tactful not to explicitly say that my laziness is the problem.

  5. Lulu, I've been reading your blog and I don't think you can possibly be lazy. Besides, I'm horribly lazy. I want to gather grapevines and preserve them as you suggest, but I keep remembering how long it took the last time I made dolmades and I just know those vines will live permanently in my freezer. I plan to make tourlou tourlou - if I can get past the very large amount of olive oil required! And Greek cabbage salad.

  6. Heh! BTW, I've had friends make the tourlou tourlou with quite a bit less oil, and they say it came out fine. You can really do your own thing with that recipe.

  7. What a wonderful idea! I guess rabbits aren't so cute anymore when they steal your lettuce, though. Good luck keeping them at bay.

  8. What a great idea! I have a bad back but just love lettuce from the garden. I will use this to grow my lettuce.

  9. Beautiful! I've been even LAZIER: getting my greens at farmers' market. Been using greens as plates to roll other foods into. Just tried a strange "dressing" of tahini, pear juice, wheat germ, ginger and vinegar. Sort of lumpy but spooned a little onto a leaf and rolled it up.

  10. When they learn how to climb...Planting marigolds is around the perimeter of your garden is another deterent. Old trick apparently from the Amish woman who lives down the street from my parents.


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