January 14, 2010

PranhaBar/Boomi Bar

I was recently the lucky recipient of two free products sent to me by Divine Foods. I just love to get free stuff in the mail — especially when it's edible. I received a coconut acai PranaBar and a cashew almond Boomi Bar.

The 1.7 oz. PranaBar contains organic almond butter, organic agave nectar, organic date paste, organic dried coconut, organic almonds, organic raisins, organic puffed amaranth, organic acai dry powder, sea salt. According to the literature I received it is vegan, certified organic, GMO-free, unprocessed, enzyme active, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, hand rolled and sweetened with agave nectar. My bar had 220 calories and 13 grams of fat. It reminded me of a Larabar only I thought the PranaBar tasted better. It seemed fruitier and fresher. PranaBars come in several different flavors but I only received one so can't comment on the others.

The cashew almond Boomi Bar looked really good but because it isn't vegan (it contains honey) I gave it to a willing volunteer to try. It has a similar quality profile to the PranaBar, but fewer ingredients. In fact, the cashew almond bar has only almonds, cashews, honey, dates, crisp rice, amaranth, salt. My volunteer was very much enjoying her bar when her toddler perceived the situation, and enthusiastically required a bite. After being given a taste, she refused to relinquish the bar, and when asked if she would share it, said with a huge grin, "nooooooooooooooooooo." The baby ate the whole thing.


More recipe testing

Since I've been testing recipes for Celine and Joni's upcoming cookbook, I like to torture you all with photos of the results. This is a pasta bake. I just love the sound of that, don't you?


On toast

This is not a recipe but a suggestion. I came upon a small amount of leftover tofu scramble in a pot, and though it wasn't really enough for lunch, it occurred to me that putting it on toast would make it more substantial. I've lately become very fond of putting things - beans specifically - on toast. So very British, I've been told, and also very tasty! (I got the idea from Trinity.) I was especially delighted to find chipotle in adobo generously laced through the scramble. If you make a scramble, try adding chipotle in adobo, and putting the scramble on toast.


Please help

I can't write a post without encouraging all the generous bloggers out there to make a contribution to help the people of Haiti recover from the horrendous earthquake. Here's a list of trusted places that will put your money to good use. Even a small donation will help.

Doctors Without Borders






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  1. Oh, You're so lucky, Andrea! These bars looks and sounds so yummy both coconut acai and cashew almond, Mmm Mmm. I would eat the whole thing too!

    The pasta bake looks oh so good and I love the sound of it too:)

    Thanks for the links to help out the people of Haiti, I'll check them out and make a donation as soon as I can

  2. that prana bar looks SO GOOD. And love the toast, of course ;)

  3. I am always so jealous of you bloggers who get free stuff in the mail! That is so cool!

    I am a tester for Joni and Celine too! Your photos look amazing :-)


  4. Oraphan - Thanks for considering a donation to Haiti. It's a terrible situation there and they need so much help.

    Trinity - I guess if I'm going to be eating all this toast I'd better start baking some good bread.

    Courtney - It was only two bars and I could only eat one so don't feel too jealous. :)

    Testing is fun but harder than I thought. Are you enjoying it?

  5. The bars do sound really good. Love your pasta bake, too (looks a little different from mine, but any pasta bake is a good bake, I say). And I love the idea of scramble on toast--mmm!

  6. Anderea
    I am enjoying testing, but I always feel bad because I don't have time to test as much as I would like...all of the recipes sound so amazing I would love to try them all!


  7. Ricki- I'm looking forward to trying your pasta bake - am getting some quinoa pasta tomorrow. Scramble on toast is good!

    Courtney- I never seem to have the right ingredients so I put off testing, and then the recipes disappear from the list!

  8. Thanks for the links - we already gave to American Jewish World Service. I really love their work and they have a partnership in Haiti.

    The better-than-Larabar looks great! I already love Larabars!

    Pasta bake? My oven is fixed! Bring it on! WHEN will thata cookbook be published?

  9. Claire- The situation in Haiti is tragic and every contribution is a small bit of hope.

    They have another book called 500 Vegan Recipes that you could look at if you can't wait!


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