June 25, 2011

Spanish potato tortilla (gluten-free)

I bookmarked a recipe for a Spanish potato-filled tortilla quite a while ago because it looked so mouthwatering, and when I finally got around to trying it this week, I was delighted with the results. So delighted in fact, that most of the half of my tortilla I was planning to save for lunch went into my stomach instead, and I had to make it again the next day, because having it just once wasn't enough.

Since I'm living in my Wisconsin house only for the summer, I don't have a complete pantry, and don't want to duplicate all the stuff I have in Seattle, which leaves me with a limited selection of what are usually pantry staples, like granulated onion and garlic, and nutritional yeast. So, I had to make some changes to the recipe. But this recipe is ripe for changes, as its creator, River from Wing it Vegan, mentions in her post.

Cooking the tortilla on the first side.

Instead of using onion and garlic powders, I sautéed half of a chopped large onion, and a chopped large clove of fresh garlic, and left out the yeast. I baked my potato in a toaster oven instead of a microwave, and instead of cornstarch I used arrowroot powder. (I'll probably use potato starch once I get back to my main supplies.) Other than these few alterations I pretty much followed River's directions. I cooked my first tortilla in a non-stick pan as recommended in the recipe, and it worked perfectly. The second day (tortilla not pictured beause it looked pretty much the same as the first, and anyway, I ate it) I used my trusty and very well-seasoned flat bottom wok, because non-stick pans make me a little nervous. It wasn't quite as easy to flip the tortilla, but not too bad.

The flipped tortilla cooking on the second side.

The second day I was out of potatoes, so I used 3/4 cup chopped broccoli, four sliced baby bella mushrooms and half a chopped jalapeño along with the onion and garlic. I had so much filling, and a slightly small cooking surface, that I ended up making two tortillas. With a big salad and a vegetable, the two tortillas should probably serve two as a light supper. Or — ahem, cough cough — maybe only one. This fabulous recipe, which I recommend you try ASAP, is gluten-free.

All that was left of the first tortilla, requiring me to make
another one (two actually) the next day.

I think the tortilla would be wonderful with chopped green onions and turmeric added. You can find the scrumptious recipe here.

This recipe has been entered in the Bookmarked Recipes challenge hosted by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes. Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen Experiments is the founder of the challenge.


Here are some completely gratuitous photos of Miss E running to meet her mom at the finish line of her mom's first marathon. They were taken by Miss E's dad and used without permission. ;)


  1. Looks great! Sounds like a promising recipe. I don't use non-stick either, but perhaps I'll try using some well-seasoned cast iron. I bet this would be a good candidate for some of the kala namak salt too.

  2. This recipe is something I know I'd love. Thanks so much for sharing! It looks spectacular. :)

  3. Wow, this sounds delicious! I love the chunks of potato in there. Like a heartier potato pancake?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing that recipe--it looks and sounds wonderful. I can't wait to try it!


  5. I think I have all the ingreidents on hand for this tortilla! It looks so delicious and made me hungry in a second. Thank you for reviewing it.

  6. The tortilla looks wonderful! But I just had to send a congratulatory message to you DIL on her marathon! Great job! I hope she can put her feet up, recover, and enjoy some great food this week!

  7. Rose,
    You could leave out the salt and sprinkle it with black salt before serving. I don't have my black salt here or I might have tried that. I did use 1/4 of a cube of Rapunzel low-salt veg bouillon instead of salt to season the second batch.

    I think cast iron would be perfect. I have my eye on a round cast iron griddle that I think would work well.

    Vegan Flower,
    The first time I tried a chickpea flour omelet, I didn't like it, but now it takes amazing to me. Try it and see what you think!

    It didn't really remind me of a potato pancake so much as a savory pancake with potato, if that makes sense.

    I'm going to try it with all sorts of different fillings — it's so adaptable.

    I'm getting hungry answering these comments, and will have to head out to buy some more potatoes so I can make another tortilla.

    I'll pass along your congrats. I'm a little late in posting the photos so I think she's probably recovered. :)

  8. My first entry for July and on the day I posted. Wow!

    Sounds tasty Andrea. Still haven't found that yeast anywhere.

    ....and just love those photos!

  9. Looks super delicious! especially if you can't stop eating it! Many of my meal plans go awry when I eat more than I was planning on too. :-) That little Miss E is just too cute running out to her mom like that!

  10. Jac,
    I think the reason it may be the first entry is because I missed the last deadline by a day. :) I didn't have yeast and it was still delicious. I'm surprised you can't find yeast flakes in Scotland. I may have to remedy that.

    Chow vegan,
    Hmmm. I want to make enough for two meals, not eat enough for two meals. Not sure how to solve this. :)

  11. That looks really cool; I will try making it for sure!

    Love that they let her run in with her Mom. So sweet.

  12. Miss E is adorable! What a sweet daughter.

    I had this open and Chris walked by and wanted some asap. :-) thanks for spreading the GF vegan love.

  13. Jenny,
    I just made it again tonight. It's so good!

    It was pretty late in the race when Miss E ran out to join her mom — it might not have been OK earlier when there were more people crossing the finish line.

    Thank you!

    A lot of what I eat is GF but I don't think about it. I'm trying to be more aware of GF issues because I think it's important to be able to cook for everyone, :)

  14. If everyone includes me I am happy. :-) Or at least a recipe I can enjoy. Thanks!

  15. Bitt,
    Of course it includes you. I feel blessed to be relatively free of food allergies, but I want to be sensitive to the food issues that others struggle with. Though I admit, cooking for someone with multiple allergies can be daunting. :)

  16. Nice! I'm desperately trying to avoid going out to buy more groceries yet again, and happen to have potatoes at least... Consider this on the menu!

  17. This looks amazing, and I like that you used fresh onion and garlic. I can't wait to try this! I just found your blog- it's fabulous!

  18. Hannah,
    I think I made this the first time because I had the ingredients (more or less) but I've made it about four times since then, because it tastes so good and is so easy and fast to make!

    I love this with the fresh onion and garlic, and think I may always make it this way. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the compliment!

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  20. Oh my God this looks so good and i`m sure that it is delicious too. I think it is not a very difficult recipe so i will give it a try, thanks a lot for sharing.

  21. We had this! It was soooo good! Definitely something we'll be having again. :)

  22. Molly,
    I'm glad you liked it. We have River to thank for posting the original recipe — I should send her a note.


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