January 06, 2012

New year, new rut | San Francisco question | I won!

Ah, breakfast ruts ... I've written about my breakfast rut problem in the past. My last rut, which involved polenta and olives, or occasionally polenta and fruit, was a very satisfying one, and lasted quite a long time, but now I have a new one. It started when I walked into Whole Foods one day and saw a large bag of pink grapefruit from Texas on sale for the irresistible price of $3.99. While I stood admiring the bag of fruit, I remembered reading about a study that showed that red grapefruit slowed down bone loss, and the combination of the possibility of added health benefits plus the remarkable price, was more than I could resist. I bought the bag, and thus started my latest breakfast craze.

Every morning I have a red grapefruit, a handful of organic dried figs from Costco and a handfull of roasted, unsalted pistachios. Then I'm good until lunch. The rut has been maintained by a second bag from WF at the inflated price of $5.99, an unexpected gift box of fabulous Florida oranges and grapefruit sent by a friend, and a bunch of fruit picked by our kids and brought back from a trip to Arizona. I'm so entrenched in my rut that I will now have to purchase more grapefruit, and head back to Costco for another giant bag of figs (at Costco, all bags are giant) because I'm too entrenched in my rut at the moment to make a graceful move to a new one.

But hey, there are worse ruts. Pistachios and figs are loaded with health benefits, and according to the Website livestrong.com, pink (also known as red) grapefruit provides a lot of nutritional benefits.
Nutritional Content
The pink grapefruit provides significant nutritional content. A serving of one grapefruit provides 3.7 g of dietary fiber, 310 mg of potassium, 72 mg of vitamin C, 30 mcg of folate and 2645 IU of vitamin A. Pink grapefruit provides 120 percent of this recommended Daily Value of Vitamin C.
Grapefruit contains the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene, known for their ability to protect the body's cells and organs from free-radical damage. Free radicals are the byproducts of normal metabolic processes and environmental toxins that alter DNA and cause damage to healthy cells, contributing to disease and premature aging. The lycopene and beta-carotene carotenoids also protect the skin from UV rays and stimulate the immune response.
Pink grapefruit may help lower blood triglycerides, a type of cholesterol known to significantly contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2006 study by researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The results showed the pink grapefruit lowered cholesterol levels more than white grapefruit. The researchers said either the fruit's antioxidants cause the beneficial effect or pink grapefruit may contain a chemical yet undiscovered.
(Grapefruit and grapefruit juice should be avoided by those taking certain heart medications or statin cholesterol lowering drugs.)


San Francisco Question
I have a question for anyone reading this who lives in or visits the Bay Area. We're heading to San Francisco for a few days, and want some suggestions about where to eat.


I won something!
Way back in November, I entered a giveaway on Kathy Hester's blog, Healthy Slow Cooking, and I won a swag bag of samples and coupons! It's always fun to win a giveaway and get a bunch of stuff in the mail. Kathy is the author of the cookbook, "The Vegan Slow Cooker," and I suggest you check out her blog and book. The book is on my wish list.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who wrote comforting words on my last post or sent emails of condolence. Although every one made me cry, you can't imagine how much I appreciated each and every thought. Thank you.

I've been a slacker in my blog commenting but I promise to try to do better.

I've been nominated for the Top 25. Now all I need are votes, and I'd be honored to have yours. :D


  1. For SF vegan dining:

    Casual/Quick: Loving Hut
    Pizza: Patxi's Chicago Pizza (good vegan options)
    Fancy: Millenium (SO GOOD!)

    I have plenty more, but I'll leave it at that :) I'm going to SF tomorrow--enjoy the city!

  2. Gracias Madre is an SF must. Source is another good choice. I second the Millennium suggestion.

    Enjoy your SF visit!

  3. I've only been to SanFran once when I was really young but I hear there are some great places. I hope to hear about it when you get back and I hope it'll help take your mind off of your loss.
    I'm digging your breakfast rut for sure. I love all of the components! I really don't eat grapefruits as much as I should.

  4. Burma Superstar and Thai House Express

  5. oooh I just heard of some cool new places in the city. I'll get back to you, I haven't tried yet. I'm bummed that Gracias Madre just closed. You already know about my date addiction (secret Cosco purchase). I live on the other side of the bay. When you headed this way?

  6. Sofia,
    Thanks! We were thinking of Millenium, but I'm keeping a list of suggestions and I'll add yours to it.

    Gracias Madre is one place I'd like to go if it's still open.

    My breakfast rut is pretty simple and mostly raw. I'm really loving it so I don't mind if it lasts a while longer.

    I'll add those to the list.

    I though Gracias Madre was going to be open for a few more months. I sure hope you're wrong about that. :( We'll be there next weekend for a four-day blitz.

  7. I haven't spent very much time in SF, but I did have the fortune of dining at Chaya in the Mission district. I highly recommend it, and would go back in a heartbeat (if it weren't on the opposite coast, of course). Loved the hot pot with noodles, tofu, dumplings- It had a little bit of everything!

  8. Hey, at least it's a healthy rut!

    You've already got a lot of good restaurant suggestions, but if it's still there, the restaurant Greens is an option. Have fun!

    Even though it will take some time, I hope you will soon feel a little better...

  9. Wow, San Fran, that will be a fun trip. The ferry building has cheap eats and is fun, I heard rumors of a vegan donut found there. I like Millenium a lot. I would google for other vegan bloggers who have gone there and reviewed it or go to Vegansaurus (SF based) or Happy Cow.

    I say if that breakfast works for you, go with it. I personally need a little fat in the morning and pistachios sound great.

  10. I love Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit! Yum! I like your breakfast rut actually.
    I live 3hrs south of SF but like others have said....Millenium is supposed to be a really nice restaurant. I think reservations are recommended.
    Oh and congrats on your win!

  11. Hannah,
    Great. The Mission District is really close to where we'll be, I think. I'll add Chaya to my list. Thanks!

    All my ruts are pretty healthy, but still, a rut is a rut, and variety is probably better. :) I forgot all about Greens.

    Yes, it will, but I wish it were more than four days. I think Millenium will probably be one of our dinner stops.

    The pistachios — today it was pistachios, almonds and pumpkin seeds — add the needed fat for me, too. If I don't eat something like that I feel cold and hungry.

    I've read some negative reviews of Millenium along with the raves, but I think I'll have to go there after so many have suggested it. I'm excited to visit SF!

  12. I am obsessed with pink/red grapefruit right now too! It is so so good. If you do go back to Costco for figs, look for grapefruit too! The ones around here have it, at least. Although, I am weird and I like to pick out my grapefruits individually, lol, so I don't usually buy them bags. Strange, I know.

    Have a great trip to SF!


  13. I like your breakfast rut! It's so peculiar, so individual, so entirely composed of foods I love. Grapefruit, it just *tastes* like a superfood. My mom's on those cholesterol-lowering drugs so she can't eat it, but to me it's the citrus of citrus, if I could I'd work it into everything I make. Hm, the Grapefruit Cookbook. Nobody's done that yet, have they? Why the heck not?

  14. Courtney,
    Well what do you know. We did go to Costco, and came home with a big bag of grapefruit, so my rut is safe for a while longer. :) I like to pick my fruit one at a time too, but they always seem cheaper in a bag. In addition to the figs and grapefruit, I also found hemp seeds and lots more.

    What about the grapefruit diet that was popular some years ago. I don't know exactly what it is but it must involve a lot of grapefruit. I'm going to google it out of curiosity.

  15. I love, love red grapefruit but can't stand the white ones! So what you call a rut, I call a great idea. ;-) And your comment about everything being giant at Costco made me laugh--so true!

  16. Check out the vegansaurus blog...tons of great food suggestions..Millennium is a must for a great high end meal (make sure to get the cornmeal crusted mushrooms). Dosa is yummy Indian with lots of vegan options. Source-love their brunch. Rainbow grocery is a great place to get hard to find ingredients. Papalote's tofu mole tacos and their salsa..big thumbs up! There is an Ethiopian place on 20th and valencia st..it's become one of our favorites..enjoy eating! Oh..and pepples donuts are vegan..they're in the ferry building and caves.

  17. Amy Wilson1/8/12, 8:49 AM

    Millennium is a must! There's just nothing like it....

  18. Ricki,
    As I'm reading your comment I just realized I forgot to open my giant bag of figs this morning. I knew something was missing but we had a small overnight guest, and I was distracted. Of to the figs!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm starting to wish we had more time in SF to try all the restaurants! Millenium is one that so many people have mentioned, I think we'll have to go there. And I love Ethiopian food.

    OK. I'm convinced!

  19. Definitely want to second Patxi's. I was in San Fran in December and their pizza was amazing! And if you to the Irving St location there is a gelato place near by called Holy Gelato that has 12 vegan flavors including really fun ones like chocolate peanut butter,coconut and Irish whiskey! They also have vegan brownies so you can get a brownie sunday! And there are vegan donuts at the Ferry Market!!!

  20. If you're going to be in a rut, this sounds like a good one! Lately, I'm steel-cut oats with raisins, cinnamon and peanut butter.

  21. I was on a pomelo kick for awhile there myself. :-)

    As other people have already mentioned:
    Millennium for as nice fancy dinner
    Loving Hut, there's quite a few in the city. Each one has a different menu, offering a range from noodles and stir fries to sandwiches, soups and salads.
    Patix's for deep dish pizza, they have a few locations in the city

    Gracias Madre, haven't been but would love to try

    Shangri-La Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant, a little hole-in-the-wallish, but good, haven't been in a long time though

    Golden Era Vegan Restaurant, another Chinese food place

    Ike's for sandwiches. They have a whole vegan section

    Herbivore for casual dining, breakfast, etc

    Pepples vegan donuts at the Ferry Building Farmers Market

    Hodo Soy Beanery, at the same Ferry Building Farmers Market for fresh yuba sheets and tofu things if you're cooking at all during your stay.

    Have a great trip!

  22. I love your breakfast rut! Grapefruits and pistachios are two of my favourite things!

  23. Katie,
    Vegan gelato? I haven't had gelato since before I was vegan!

    Your rut sounds more winter-appropriate than mine, and delicious, too.

    Chow vegan,
    Wow — thanks for the great list. Our trip is starting to sound much too short!

    I hope I'm still feeling fond of them after the rut subsides. :) Right now, I'm loving them both. And the dried figs, too.

  24. Hemp seeds at Costco?! Really? I have seen flax and chia, but never hemp. I am gonna have to keep my eyes open for hemp next time!


  25. LOVE the grapefruit photo! I'll be watching for the SF eats post. I'll be there next month for training and I'll need to eat. :)

  26. Courtney,
    Yes — a big bagful. I haven't seen chia!

    Thanks! You should look at all the suggestions in the comments — tons of choices. I think we'll probably visit Gracias Madre, Millenium and Chaya Japanese for dinner. Maybe others for lunch!

  27. my hubby loves gracias madre. cafe gratitude might be a "must" because they are set to close and it is SO san franciso.

    i thought millenium was a bit arrogant
    AND we paid out the butt for 1/3 pound of tofu
    AND we had to eat at a greasy indian joint just a few hours later!!!

    there is a great vegan chinese place there too!

    SOOOOOOO SOOOOORRRRY about your baby.
    we JUST lost ours a few days past christmas and it just hurts so bad. i hate that part about furkids.

  28. Personally, I've always been a little disappointed in the food I've had at Millennium. I highly recommend Saha--they're not all veg, but have lots of veg options, almost all of which can be made vegan. They have a nice ambiance and I've never had anything there that failed to wow me.

  29. GSGV,
    I know it's after the fact, but we did eat at Gracias Madre and loved it, and, after much discussion, we decided to skip Millenium and go to Dosa, instead. Great idea!

    So sorry about your loss. It takes a long time to stop feeling sad.

    I didn't see you suggestion until we were headed home, but I'll add it to my list for next time. There's never enough times to go to all the places I want to visit.


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