March 27, 2009

Quick post on my continuing affair with granola

Affair? Yes. I've fallen in love with granola. I've been making granola pretty regularly - I'm obsessed, actually - ever since I posted a recipe. I've revised the recipe slightly by adding a cup of raw walnuts, which toast up to crunchy perfection. I also mostly use regular rolled oats instead of instant (or a mix of both) and I've changed my mind about the chocolate chips. The first time I added them I thought it was daring — now I think it's necessary! Sometimes I add an extra cup of oats (7 instead of 6) so it will last a little longer, and I tried using dried apples instead of dates. Dates are better. I've gotten lazy about the stirring, too. I recommend stirring in from the edges every 10 minutes, but I only did it every 20 last time. I actually look forward to getting up and eating breakfast when the granola is in the cupboard. Who knew that was all it would take...

Buffy says hi


  1. Nothing beats homemade granola, really! I've never tried one with chocolate chips (I'm sure it would be dangerous), but maybe once my cleanse is over. . .? The Girls and I say "Hi, Buffy!" back. ;) (sweet thing!).

  2. Before this, I'd never tried granola with chocolate chips either. In fact, I would have been appalled at the thought. But my attitude has softened a bit. In fact, I'm finding that this granola is so satisfying, my cravings for other sweets is just about gone. Weird, I know. And the granola itself isn't very sweet.

  3. I've begun making home-made granola again too... but never with chocolate chips! Whoa! That's living on the edge....

    By the way, a few years ago I substituted matzo farfel for oats and made a not-so-bad "granola" on Passover. Was that your idea or did I read it somewhere or just make it up? Anyway, aside from it not being whole-grain enough, it helped my breakfasts!

  4. Try the chocolate chips, Claire, you'll be hooked. Can you not eat oats on Passover?

  5. Okay, I guess I'll have to try it. A few more granola posts and I'll probably be eating it every day.


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