March 21, 2009

Spinach and tempeh pie from Celine

Not exactly pie-shaped pie a la Mr. X (read on...)

I printed out Celine's recipe for spinach and tempeh pie because it looked so delicious, and imagine my surprise to pass by the kitchen to find "Mr. X" (identity protected due to content) preparing to make it for dinner. Seeing mutilated oranges on the counter top, I paused to observe. "Is orange zest the white stuff inside the skin?", he inquired. "No, it's the orange stuff on the outside — not the white stuff," I replied. I returned a short time later to observe Mr X trying to scrape off the zest with a pastry crimper. "Here, use this zester, it will be easier," I suggested, offering a quick zesting demo. Everything under control, I was off again, expecting to be called back for the crust-making. Mr. X had never made any sort of pie before. The next time I passed by the kitchen, Mr. X could be seen intently scraping dough out of the food processor with his fingers. "Be sure to use a light touch with the dough," I said. Mr. X is lacking the "light-touch" gene when it comes to baking. He's been known to produce cake with the texture of a yoga mat. But I went away, thinking it was probably too late anyway. And I'd had such high hopes for making this savory pie.

The next time I saw the pie was when it came out of the oven. Mr. X baked it on a piece of waxed paper instead of parchment paper, as called for in the recipe (which could account for the burning smell in the kitchen). He also shaped it kind of like a loaf of bread instead of a pie, but in spite of everything, IT WAS GOOD! And the crust, though perhaps a little harder than intended, was delicious in texture and taste. You should definitely go to this blog and get the recipe so you can make it, too. But don't use waxed paper!

p.s. The crust is made with spelt and tahini.

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  1. it looks good! this post made me smile, as your husband did something I think my husband would, too.

  2. Celine,
    Thanks for being a such a good sport. The pie really was delicious and I'd like to make it again in a more pie-like form! The crust is great.

  3. All I can say is, I wish MY "Mr X" would try to prepare dinner on his own, no matter how many questions he had to ask! It looks fabulous, and I think I'd even like the freeform shape better than a conventional pie!

    Thanks for the shout-out re: the new blog. And good luck with the giveaway! :)

  4. Ricki,
    You're welcome for the blog blab. It's fun to give your blog a make-over. I'm starting to get tired of mine again, but it was so much work to change it I'm not sure I want to go there again. Hope you get all the pieces worked out soon so you can really enjoy the new look.

  5. I'm reasonably sure Mr. X does not refer to your son! I'm glad it turned out well. Now he'll cook again sometime!

  6. Thanks for the good laugh... and link to the great-sounding recipe! Please tell Mr. X his identity is totally safe with me!

  7. Diann,
    You're right about Mr. X not being my son. Mr. X actually cooks a lot, but anything can happen when he does.

    Mr. X is most grateful for your silence!


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