March 15, 2009

Take time for tea

One of the sad things about leaving the place I've called home for so long is knowing that I won't be able to spend time with old friends whenever I want. We'll soon be 2,000 miles apart. So, the last two weekends have included time just to relax and talk with friends I don't see enough of because we're always so busy. Now that time is limited, we're trying to catch up. I live two blocks from a beautiful tea house and it has been our meeting spot of choice. It's a converted old house with many intriguingly decorated rooms on two floors. The tea house is also an art gallery so there are changing exhibits on the walls, and unique jewelry in the cases.

I often choose rooibus tea since it's high in anti-oxidants, has no caffeine and tastes really good, but this time we both had a mint blend. Below you can see the cozy corner where we sat, and the photo below that is one of the other, somewhat more exotic, rooms. If you ever find yourself in the Madison, Wis. area, I recommend Ma Cha Tea House for a soothing spot to sip tea and relax.


  1. What a lovely little place! I can't think of anything similar where I live. But I love the idea of meeting up with friends for a quiet chat in quaint and comfortable surroundings like this.

  2. Cool! I have walked past there many times and never gone in. I really should - with you?

  3. Ricki,
    We have lots of wonderful little coffee houses but I love that Ma Cha is dedicated to tea.

    We absolutely should!

  4. I hope saying goodbye won't be too hard! hugs.

  5. Thanks, Celine. I'm afraid it will be very hard.


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