August 09, 2009

Vegan potluck / caipirinha

Key lime cupcakes (VCTOTW)
What could be more charming than a bountiful vegan potluck on a gorgeous summer day. The Madison vegetarian meet-up group had such a gathering last month, and more than 40 people showed up with lots of beautiful and delicious vegan food. It makes me so happy to see so many people embracing a vegetarian diet. Although not everyone is vegan, all the food is. The event was held in a pretty park with a splash pad where the kids could enjoy the sprinklers while their parents sat dry and well-fed on the grass. It's a very congenial group of people and we've had a great time at all the events we've attended. If you are in the Madison area, check out this group.

Here are a few of the dishes I managed to photograph. Even though circumstances caused us to be an hour late, there was still plenty of food to enjoy.


Flax-seed brownies (made by me). Recipe coming soon.

Curried carrot salad

Bean salad; Chips and salsa


Travel help
So, any suggestions for great places to eat or visit as we pass through the wilds of S. Dakota (Sioux Falls), Iowa, Wyoming and Montana on our way to Seattle from Wisconsin?


 Did you say caipirinha?

I'm not much of a drinker. I might have a glass of wine or a beer very occasionally, but if I do indulge in a mixed drink, I have a few favorites. I'm most likely to order a mojito, margarita or a caipirinha. A friend from work recently indulged me by making us delicious caipirinhas! In case you don't know, caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil, and is made with cachaça, a fermented sugar cane beverage. In addition to cachaça, there is lime, sugar and cracked ice. Perfect. We sipped them in lawn chairs on a high hill, watching the world go by. Thank you Sue!


  1. The picnic sounds like it was fun. The food sure looks good too! It's always nice getting to be around people with similar interests as you.

  2. Grrr--Blogger keeps eating my comments! Sounds like a wonderful meetup and what a great drink! Looking forward to the brownie recipe, of course!

  3. Kiersten,
    Yes, it's really relaxing every once in a while to know you can eat anything you want from the food selection! I only photographed a tiny selection of the dishes.

    Thanks for persevering. Blogger's been stopping me from leaving comments on some blogs, too, - but WordPress stopped me yesterday, insinuating I was a spammer! Hrumph.

    If I were a drinker, this would be my drink of choice.

  4. What a wonderful feast! I can't wait for your brownie recipe - they look so good!

  5. Wow--your potluck looks great! I wish we had a group like that in Minneapolis...
    Looking forward to your brownie recipe :-)


  6. Nanette,
    Thanks for your comment. And yes, the brownies WERE good.

    You might have a group like that. Google "vegetarian meetup Minneapolis" and see what you get. I wish I'd known about our group last year.

  7. I love going to potlucks, even if they're not totally vegan. There's so much food to sample and get inspiration from. Your treats look especially yummy!

  8. I agree, Diann, there's always such an interesting variety of dishes at a potluck. I just might bring some bean cakes to the next one I go to! :D

  9. A picnic with that many people where all of the food is up for grabs! Now that sounds awesome. Can't wait to see the brownie recipe :)

  10. It's like that at our Scottish Vegan potlucks, too! It's so good to know that everything's suitable and no-one will question what you're eating/not eating!
    And what do you mean 'recipe coming soon' for those brownies? I want it now! :)

  11. Alisa,
    It was definitely an awesome picnic.

    The great thing about potlucks is you only have to make one thing but you get to try dozens of wonderful dishes.

  12. Yay for meet ups! As someone who's never had one I'm awfully envious :)

    I definitely am wanting some of those cupcakes. And your brownies look absolutely divine! I can't wait for the recipe!!!

    Ooo that curried carrot salad looks amazing too. I've never really had carrot salad, I don't know why, I love carrots!

  13. Your brownies look amazing! I can't wait for the recipe.

    I've never heard of caipirinhas, but they sound delicious. I'm also not much a drinker, but I like drinks like that.

    Good luck on the move! Cross-country excursions are always interesting, but it'll be worth it to get to Seattle. I actually feel that Seattle has more yummy food options than Portland, but you're always a quick drive away!

  14. Vegetation,
    You should check to see if there are any meet-ups where you live.

    I always thought Portland was the vegan capital of the world! But Seattle has a LOT of options compared to where we live now.


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