August 13, 2009

Random meals

From our garden!
I work on a mac, and until I cleverly spilled a mug of peppermint tea onto and thoroughly into my mac keyboard, I had an un-noteworthy typing experience. When the keyboard became toast, so to speak, my husband handed over a keyboard that had come with one of his PCs, and had been lying around the house unused because he preferred his old keyboard. The letters and numbers on this keyboard type out just as you would expect, but the symbols are all wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. When I type an ampersand or quotation marks, I never know what to expect. I've had to learn a whole new system of finding the right keys. I've learned to type the right parenthesis when I want the left, and the equal sign when I want the right. If I want a "@" I have to type "a." This is all OK as long as I'm using symbols that I use a lot, and have memorized the correct keys, but when I have to type something that I don't type often, like a "&," I have to type all the upper keys until I find it! The "&" looks like "/." Now I find when I use a normal keyboard, I get confused and type the wrong symbols.

This is kind of how I feel in our house right now as everything gets packed up. I go to the spot where something I want should be, and of course it's not there anymore. And I can't remember where it is. Like my favorite shorts. Did they get packed or accidentally donated? Or did they go to the attic? They were supposed to be available to wear on the trip but I haven't seen them in quite a while. Tsk.

Anyway, even when I'm not posting recipes, we're still eating around here. It's just that we're not being especially creative, or we're being creatively repetitive or whatever. Plus, we're in the midst of preparing to move nearly 2,000 miles away, and have a lot on our minds. So, here's some stuff we've been eating with links back to where the food appears on this blog, if it does.

Red lentil soup with cauliflower, green beans and cracked pepper
Pad Thai

Fabulous wax beans from Claire's gard
I think planting wax beans instead of green ones was an excellent idea that I wish had occurred to me. The green ones are almost impossible to see on the garden plants but the yellow ones stand right out, making them a lot easier to harvest. These wax beans were served with enchiladas.

Tofu and Swiss chard burritos
We usually make these with kale but the garden is overflowing with Swiss chard. In either case, they are really delicious. I first had the kale version in a café in Santa Fe, and immediately tried to recreate them when we returned home. I left it unrolled for the photo, but of course I rolled it up to eat.

Saturday is our scheduled date of departure when we head to Seattle. Through the miracle of modern technology (scheduled posting), blog posts will continue to appear while we're en route. I'll be taking photos along the way as we head west from Wisconsin and will post about our trip (if there's anything to say!) when we get set up in our new digs. Hopefully I won't be too grumpy! It's not too late to offer last minute tips on places to eat in South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. We'll have a laptop with us.


  1. Those tomatoes are gorgeous! Wow...I am jealous :-)

    What about places to eat in Minneapolis?! French Meadow, Ecopolitan, Common Roots, Galactic Pizza, Pizza Luce, Tao Natural Foods...okay, maybe places to eat in Uptown would be more accurate :-) Have a safe trip!


  2. Thanks, Courtney! I love eating in Minneapolis but we'll hit that great city early on the first day when we'll still have homemade sandwiches and such. Your suggestions make me want to reconsider that option, though.

  3. Ha, ha, I have the same experience...but whenever I use a mac keyboard.
    You are so right about the wax beans. We picked some green beens today and it was some kind of detective work.
    Can you believe I never had pad thai? It looks delicious, I have to try it one day.

  4. Everything looks gorgeous.. & that pile of Pad Thai?! WOW!

  5. Mihl,
    You should definitely try pad thai!

    Thanks! I wish I had a pile of pad thai right now - got to eat something!

  6. it's almost lunch time and for some reason I suddenly have a huge craving for pad thai. I wonder why...

  7. Bethany,
    I think I've had my fill of pad Thai for a while. My husband really likes and wants to make it all the time!


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