March 16, 2017

Hodo Soy tofu products are now available nationwide

Hodo Soy Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets served with veggies over rice.

When we travel to San Francisco, our primary purpose is to visit a loved family member, but I'd be lying if I said we also didn't look forward to the city itself — and the food! I have a number of posts on the blog about our visits to San Francisco, and the great times we have had exploring the Bay Area, and eating in the amazing vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. Another of the things we always enjoy is visiting farmers markets like the one at the Ferry Building, and the Marin Farmers Market. When I go to a store in Seattle to buy a lemon or a lime or dates — I buy a lemon, a lime or dates. When I go to the farmers markets in and near San Francisco, I have to choose among 10 different varieties, all grown nearby. It's mind boggling. Even the tofu seems more exotic. It was at one of the farmers markets that I first tried Hodo Soy tofu, and I loved it so much, it really bugged me that it was only available in the Bay Area. Whenever I visited San Francisco, I always had to have some. The Hodo Soy tofu has a texture that is firm, chewy and almost squeaky. It's kind of like fresh cheese curds, if you've ever had those. And the yuba is so good. When I read they had started selling nation-wide, I was so excited. The Whole Foods near my house carries it, though the selection and availability are limited. So far we've only seen the curried tofu nuggets and the spicy yuba noodles, but hey, it's a start!

Hodo Soy Spicy Yuba noodles served with mixed veggies and miso soup.

You might be wondering what yuba is. When a pot of soymilk is heated, a skin forms on the surface. The skin is yuba. The skin is removed, and a new skin is allowed to form. The process is repeated over and over again. The yuba can be used fresh, or it may be frozen or dried. We often buy the dried form rolled up into tubes, which we re-hydrate and cook in soup, especially miso soup. The sheets can be used to make wraps. The Hodosoy Spicy Yuba Noodles are something special. They come in a vacuum pack ready to eat, or add to a dish.

Since last summer, I've been cooking pretty much fat-free, but when using prepared foods or eating out, fat-free doesn't apply. The tofu nuggets are fried, but the fat content doesn't seem terribly high to me and the taste is excellent. We don't eat them very often, but they add a great taste and texture to our dinner when we do.

I've included photos of the box fronts and backs so you can see the ingredients and other information. I hope you can find Hodo Soy products where you live. They are so delicious.

Here's one last image of the Thai curry nuggets served with a homemade curry sauce over rice.

p.s. I was not given free product to write a review. I wrote it because I enjoy Hodo Soy products and wanted to share  information about them.


  1. Love their tofu! So awesome you can get it nearby now. I remember way back when they first started at the Palo Alto farmers market. They've since stopped doing all farmer markets except the one at the Ferry Building. But I can get the yuba strips and sometimes the nuggets from Costco which has saved me a lot over the years. :-)

    1. I think it was at the Ferry Building where I first tried it. I noticed they were selling at a few Bay area Costcos , but not here. I wish I could try their plain tofu to see how it compares with what I usually buy here. We have some awesome locally made tofu, but nothing quite like Hodo Soy. The texture is so unique. (As a side note, I used to buy local fried tofu cubes, but now that I have the air fryer, I make my own oil-free fried tofu that tastes virtually the same.)

  2. Go Hodo Soy! I'm a huge fan, and not just because I did a few photos for them. They're simply the best tofu makers in the bay area, and perhaps in the entire US, if you ask me. it makes me so happy to see them grow and thrive.

    1. They make the best tofu I've ever tasted. I'm excited to have them expanding across the country, and I hope to see more of their products in Seattle. In the meantime, the Thai curry tofu will have a place at my table!

  3. I would love to find these near where I live! I love yuba, and I've eaten it fresh once or twice, but you can only buy it dried around these parts. I mean, I get through packets of the stuff, but I'd love to give Hodo a go. Now they've got nationwide, maybe next step is going worldwide?!

    1. I wish you could find them, too, but don't hold your breath! It's not even that easy to find Hodo Soy here. Nearly all the yuba we buy is dried. I found some frozen once, but hardly ever see any fresh. The Hod we get here isn't fresh, of course, but it's delish!


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