October 20, 2009

Another day another soup / veganmofo 2009

As veganmofo continues, I find my posts are getting out later and later in the day. At first it was fun to post every weekday, and I had a post up by 6:30 a.m.. It's still fun, but now it's getting harder, and here it is almost 5:30 p.m., and the post is just getting started. I've been so focused on getting a post out every day I completely missed celebrating (or at least mentioning) my 200th post. (Of course, I also missed my 100th post, and that had nothing to do with veganmofo.) So, hooray, this is my 207th post. And it's going to be about soup. Because we can't seem to stop eating the stuff. And it's going to be short.

If you've been reading along, you've probably noticed all the soups we've been making from Love Soup. And why not make them? When you find a good thing, it makes sense to take advantage of it. So, we made another, and this time it was red lentil and squash soup, made not with butternut squash as per the recipe, but with delicata squash that we purchased at the farmers market. We also had steamed brussels sprouts, and I just added mine to my bowl. Then we garnished the bowls with a little grated Daiya cheese that we bought to try, and can't seem to use up. Another fabulous soup.

I made some flatbread to go with it. The dough was refrigerated leftover Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day-type bread that had been constructed with white whole wheat and barley flour. I got the idea for the bread shape from the mezze cooking class we'd just recently taken. I would have topped it with sesame seeds if we'd had any, but had to settle for pumpkin seeds instead.

My son also got his hand in the soup-making frenzy around here but he didn't use "the book." I saw him looking at a recipe on the PPK but he said we were missing most of the ingredients so he used whatever he could find in addition to the potatoes and beans I'd asked him to build his soup around. The soup was excellent but he was not able to provide a recipe. Sorry.


  1. I've been a little bad with my posting too lately. That's okay though, we do the best we can. As long as we're having fun, right?

    Congrats on 200 posts!

  2. Congratulations on your 207th post! It's the season for soups. I love how pretty much anything can go in and it'll still taste good. And the flatbread with pumpkin seeds looks great, so very October-ish. :-)

  3. Kiersten,
    Right. Thanks!

    Thanks! I didn't even think about pumpkin seeds being October-ish - I was too focused on them being not-sesame seeds. Good point!


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