October 07, 2009

Roasted squash and yam soup with poblano peppers / veganmofo 2009

I recently did a review of Anna Thomas' new cookbook, "Love Soup." I know I said in my review that the next soup I planned to make was a roasted eggplant and garbanzo bean soup but when Anna Thomas herself left a comment on the post recommending her roasted squash and yam soup with poblano peppers, well, what could I do? I had to try it. Just like the other two soups, it was rich and wonderful. We made it with butternut squash instead of the kabocha or buttercup from the recipe because that's what the co-op had. Other than that, and forgetting to drizzle the finished soup with olive oil, we made it "by the book."

I found a youtube video of Anna Thomas making her roasted turnip and butternut squash soup. This should give you an idea of what one of her soups is like. Because she adds a small blob of mascarpone to each bowl as a garnish - unnecessary I think - the soup as she serves it isn't vegan. You could whip a little tofu cream cheese and add it if you felt the soup needed it, or just serve it as is with the other garnishes.

As it turns out, because of a mailing issue, I just got another copy of the cook book. So, lets have a giveaway! If you leave a comment telling me you want this book, I'll randomly choose a winner and send it off. You have until midnight Oct. 15, to leave a comment.


  1. I would love to have a copy of "Love Soup!" I make soups/chilis all the time and am always looking for new ideas!
    -Jamie (jamberry81@gmail.com)

  2. The soup looks great. Soup weather is here finally!

  3. Hello Andrea!

    I'd love, love, love a copy of "Love Soup!" Would it help influence the random vibe to know that my birthday will be in a couple of days?

    I'm a Madisonian who just recently discovered your amazing blog. Thanks so much for the great work you do!

  4. WOW!!! This is the perfect soup i've been looking for, and I've actually just started exploring veganism, so I"m super excited to go through your site!! (I love the "cook easy" aspect of vegan cooking and of course, how delicious everything looks.)

    P.s. I'm hosting a ZenSoy pudding and soy milk giveaway, so hope you stop by if you're interested! :) Happy hump day!!

  5. Andrea,

    Thank you for providing as a portal to the online vegan food world. The fact that you seek out other recipes, books, or local spots that exemplify good vegan cooking makes you a connoisseur of vegan delicacies. My girlfriend has been trying to get me to eat vegan as often as I can and you've really helped expand my options. Thank you!


  6. That soup looks deliciously creamy.

  7. Soup/stew/chili is my favourite thing in the world to make and I would love to have this cookbook!

    p.s. you won the mystery contest.

  8. That soup looks delish! It's inspiring me to use some of the lovely squash I picked up at the farmers' market last weekend.

    I love soup! More importantly, my 2-year-old loves soup! And we'd love a copy of Love Soup. :)

  9. Hi - new to your blog. Love it!

  10. Your picture caught my eye right away. I would love a copy of the cookbook--the recipes look delicious!

  11. I need this cookbook! No, really. ;) Soup is perfect for this cooler weather--and maybe it will finally get rid of this flu bug that won't go away!

    Forgot to say yesterday--love the new banner. :)

  12. I love soup, and would love a copy of that book--it sounds great!


  13. Jamberry,
    This book is definitely full of great ideas!

    I love soup but I have to admit I miss summer.

    Thanks for visiting and Happy birthday! I have an October birthday, too.

    HAve fun exploring this great way of eating.

    Your comment made my day - and listen to your girlfriend!

    It's really amazing how rich and creamy a soup can be without adding dairy. And much healthier.

    Thanks so much for the contest info. I'm really excited about it.

    I think squash makes some of the best soup. I also like to make creamy cauliflower soup. My kids loved that.

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment. I love having new readers!

    Great name! I wish everyone could have a copy of the cookbook.

    I'm so sorry that stupid, stupid flu won't leave you alone. I think this soup had enough roasted polanos to scare away the most tenacious bug.

    And thanks for mentioning the banner. Even my husband didn't notice!

    p.s. You can never have too many cookbooks.

    All three soups I've tried have turned out really well. They're worth the little bit of extra work.

  14. Oh! Your soup looks wonderful. I LOVE squash and yam = it's a must for me to try this, thank you for sharing:)

  15. Monique,
    If you say so! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love squash and yam in soup, too - especially if it's spicy.

  16. I love soup and this book would be a super addition to my ever-growing (and growing and growing) collection of cookbooks! Thanks for having such a super (souper?! hahaaa!) giveaway!

  17. I would love to win this cookbook!! The only soups I know how to make are Chinese vegetable soups, and frankly, I would love to learn to be more creative with my veggies, so a first soup recipe cookbook would be awesome to open my eyes to the many vegan possibilities!!! :)

  18. Tahinitoo,
    I know just what you mean by "growing and growing..."

    I love Chinese vegetable soups but youu're right about the many other possibilities out there.

  19. I just moved into a new apartment downtown Northampton across from the women's accessories store I own. I am on a soup making frenzy with the cold weather rearing it's head in MA. This book would let me be introduced to so many new soup ideas I can enjoy cooking from home and bringing to work everyday saving money and using all local ingredients. I NEED THIS BOOK :)

  20. I would love a copy of this book!! Soup season is here...although soup is always welcome year round, there is something about its warmth that feeds and nourishes mind and body as the weather gets more chilly!

    Zaidan :)

  21. Thanks for the reminder. Of course I totally want this book! I just made something from the Veggie Epicure last night!

  22. I have been drooling over this book since you posted about it. My vegan DH and I are big soup lovers. This would be most excellent. Thanks!
    theindy4 at sbcglobal dot net

  23. Long time lurker.... this amazing soup finally drew me out! Squash soup is my all-time fav - this looks like a must-do.
    I'd love a copy of love soup to brighten up the cold cold toronto winter.

  24. I am a late blooming soup lover; now I can't get enough. Bring it on!


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