October 26, 2009

Bottoms up / veganmofo 2009

Oooo. Edamame, corn and spicy potatoes - my fave.

Only one more week of vegan mofo, and I really haven't exploited the cute baby pix opportunities at all. So here we go. Babycakes (a.k.a. my granddaughter) was at our house all day Saturday, and in addition to puzzles, books, ball throwing, singing, dog petting, walk taking and discovering rotten apples in the dirt, etc., I got to try out my "microwave cake-in-a-cup making activity for those with short attention spans" (no age requirements). Apparently, even five minutes start to finish is too long for some.

Bottoms up! Cheers and all. Sure do love this almond milk.

I shared all the ingredients and told her what the final product would be but she just wanted to put her hands into everything and toss it around. Cool. Once the batter was on her fingers she didn't put them into her mouth as I thought she would, and I just managed to wipe them off before she ran out of the room to join her Uncle Jordan. The one ingredient she was most excited about (it wasn't the coconut) was the almond milk. When I was putting the almond milk into the measuring cup, she wanted some, so I gave her a little in a cup. She loved it, and drank quite a bit before spilling it onto the floor. She had some with her lunch, too. She's still too young to make the leap from ingredients to final product, but I can assure you she was quite pleased with that final product when she consumed it with her lunch. "Kek," she said. Cake, indeed.

On Friday night I found myself alone for dinner. My husband was traveling home from a meeting in D.C., and my son was working. When I cook for myself the food choices tend to be based on availability and convenience. That usually means: what's in the fridge and can it be cooked in a wok? There was lacinato kale, a small slab of tofu, leftover brown rice and some red pepper. Fried rice with good seasonings and a dab of cashew cheese made my perfect dinner. And maybe a little leftover kek.

note: How to cut lacinato (dinosaur) kale for a stir-fry or salad: Remove the center stems from the leaves with a scissors or by "stripping" the leaves with your fingers. Gather all the kale into a wad and roll up into a tight roll. Slice thinly across the roll with a santoku or other sharp knife.


  1. That is one cute baby! I am glad she liked the cake, even if she wasn't quite able to make it through the whole 5 minute recipe :-)

    I love dino kale! It is SO good!


  2. She's adorable! And what's not to like about almond milk? Glad she enjoyed the kek, too. :)

  3. She's a little cutie! Sounds like you had a real fun day together and with kek too!

    Nice use of leftovers for the fried rice. I've never tried kale before in it but it looks good! :-)

  4. Courtney,
    Thanks! I'm a big fan of kale, Too.

    Thank you. She's a big fan of kek.

    Thanks. We always have fun together - she practically entertains herself.

    It wasn't a traditional fried rice, but it tasted really good.

  5. How cute! And how wonderful she's crazy for almond milk - I am too!

    I'm sending your recipe and links for cashew cheese to a friend who's holding back going vegan because of her love of cheese. With your recipes and my encouragement, let's see if we can't get a convert!

  6. Diann,
    I hope your friend likes the cashew cheese - Ricki has done a lot with a similar recipe, and you should look at her version, but I'm afraid a die-hard cheese lover will never find a vegan cheese to take the place of dairy cheese. Maybe Daiya would work for her - it really does taste cheesy. Your friend will probably have to decide to be vegan in spite of cheese, and I know this is hard. Get her a copy of "The China Study" or "Diet for a New America." :)


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