October 13, 2011

A beer a day keeps the blues away

Why didn't anyone tell me about this when I was nursing my babies? I can't believe I missed out on all the "nourishing qualities" of this "appetizing, stimulating tonic." I guess My kids and I were born too late to reap the benefits of this advertising advice. Just as well, I guess, since most advertisers don't really have your good health in mind, even as they suggest health benefits related to their advertised products.

As we can see here. I wonder how the health-conscious ads of today will hold up to future scrutiny.


  1. Wow - the crazy things that people tell you is healthy! Now, I'm okay with a glass of wine while pregnant, but purposely passing the beer to the babe...not so much! :)

  2. Well, cigarettes are horribly unhealthy, to the point of being morally wrong. But beer? It's just like taking vitamins...isn't it? Nothing better, I'd imagine, for those baby blues...or actually, any blues. You can quote me.

  3. I've seen those Camel ads before...it's sort of mind-blowing how things change...in this case, for the better!

    In Ireland back in the day, nursing mothers were told to drink a guinness, as it's high in iron, I guess, and high-iron foods weren't necessarily plentiful. Do nursing mothers need extra iron? I don't know.

    Where are you finding all these old ads? Just curious; it's an interesting look back to times gone.

  4. We're vegan and we drink! We're among the healthiest!

  5. LOL- I want to know, too- where are you finding these ads? Their something else!

  6. The word 'toddler' comes from the fact that people gave beer to weaned babies in the Middle Ages, and the tipsy babies 'toddled.'

    Actually, Israelis give non-alcoholic black beer to nursing mothers. American beer is very low alcohol, so it probably isn't much different.

  7. Heather,
    I'm not much of a drinker anymore, though I'm sure I had an occasional beer while nursing my kids. I didn't think of it as a health measure. :)

    Yes, with a case of beer always at the ready, who needs vitamins?

    Maybe Popeye should have been swigging beer instead of spinach. Some of the ads were sent to be in emails, and some I found by googling.

    I drink in moderation — barely at all — can't tolerate much alcohol. A cold beer on a hot day is nice, though.

    Some were sent to me and some I found by googling. They seem crazy now, but I guess they were perfectly normal when they first appeared.

    It may be low-alcohol, but I have low tolerance to alcohol and I can only drink half a beer without feeling light-headed. Non-alcoholic beer is a different story, and different from regular beer. I can't imagine giving real beer to a child!

  8. They gave them beer because it was distilled and drinking water was dirty.

  9. Too funny. When I was nursing my babies (1999-2005), my doctor told me to drink beer to increase the milk flow!

  10. I love this post, I am at home doing work and as of lately been drinking a beer a day which has been assisting me in my studies and so I google: " a beer a day keeps the blues away" to search for justification. Too funny! I also love vegan cooking so my intention brought me a win win blog! Thanks.

    1. Well now you know you're on the right track! :D


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