October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween; Your treat: Gorilla Reunion

I once heard one child say to another, as they passed my house on Halloween, "don't go there, they always give out raisins." Ouch. I LIKE raisins, but I guess I'm living in an alternate universe, and Halloween requires better treats. So for a couple of years I gave in and just bought bags of "regular" candy. But I couldn't keep up that kind of nonsense. Then I found treat bags of pretzels and the kids seemed pleased with those, but the cute bags of pretzels are hard to come by, so here's what we're offering tonight to the trick-or-treaters, should any appear. There are Endangered Species Chocolates, Clif Kids Fruit Ropes and Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops. All of which will be welcome at our house should there be any leftovers!

For your treat, I'm giving you this video. It's pretty remarkable, and I hope you like it.

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  1. I started watching the video but stopped because I want my kids to see it. They love that stuff.

    Good choices for Halloween candy - at least they would be according to my kids who really like all 3 of those!

  2. Ooh, I like your treats too! I didn't know CLIF made ropes.
    And what a touching video! That really is amazing it came to his call after 10 years! I hope those Endangered chocolates are helping animals like that.

  3. Great video; they are truly majestic, loyal, and incredibly intelligent.

    Oreos in my house!

  4. Jenny,
    You can watch the video twice — but get out your handkerchief. I'm glad your kids would approve of the treats— I hope the neighborhood kids will, too.

    We got the Clif ropes at Costco, theoretically to use as treats for our granddaughter, but we like them a lot, too.

    The video is pretty special — and I agree about the chocolates.

    Yes, true. I wish people would respect all animals for the intelligent, feeling beings they are.

  5. Oh my goodness that video had me with tears in my eyes! So so incredible. If only everyone could see just how intelligent and affectionate animals are...
    And lucky trick or treaters! I hope they appreciate the yummies.


  6. That is a beautiful story. You've had me in tears several times over the last week.

    I hope you get lots of trick or treaters!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. That video brought tears to my eyes. So touching! <3 I love how he hung on to him, not wanting him to go. Such pure love.

    Your treats look great to me! I would take raisins, too, though. :)

  8. i have those same treats and I've even gotten a few looks for them. kids are sometimes scared of the unfamiliar. granted the weird looks were from teenagers who are way too old to be on the streets anyhow. i mean, isn't there an age limit? hope it's not raining there in seattle!

  9. loveorangesx,
    Thanks for your comment! I've watched the video many times, and it always makes me cry. This is our first Halloween in this house, so I have no idea what to expect.:)

    I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who cries easily, but today's video is definitely a heart tugger.

    I know — there was clearly a strong bond between the two. Beautiful.

    Teens usually want pure chocolate, but I like Abby's Halloween treats. She gives out Oreos — vegan AND popular. Next year I might get some of those, if I can find Halloween packs.

  10. I'm comin' to your house! (Nobody comes to my house but it's not because we give bad treats; too far out in the country!!!)

  11. Claire,
    You should have come — we only had about six kids. One of them said our treats were much better than most of the houses!

  12. Awesome treats! I love those Clif Fruit Ropes! And what an amazing video, thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  13. Chow vegan,
    We actually bought the Clif things for our granddaughter, but ahem, she hasn't had any, yet. I think we'll need some more of those.

    I love the video even though it makes me cry every time. How can people think animals don't have feelings?

  14. I'm freaking out at how brillant your blog is. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Kylie,
    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it!

  16. I haven't watched the video yet, I just came by for the raisins.

  17. GiGi,
    I'm sorry to report that raisins were not available this year. I hope that didn't inconvenience you. Now, have some chocolate and watch the video!


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