October 25, 2011

Betty White tries to enter her dog in the Orvis Dog-Cover Contest

Who can resist Betty White looking for "ways" to increase her pooch's chances of winning a contest? This is a real contest, by the way, that anyone can enter to have their dog on the cover of an Orvis catalog. The prize also includes a $500 gift certificate to Orvis. In conjunction with the contest, Orvis is donating funds to the Morris Animal Foundation's efforts to fight, treat and cure canine cancer. Betty White is a trustee of the organization. I think she is a vegetarian, and might possibly be a vegan.

You can enter the contest here, but even if you don't want to enter, or don't have a dog, you should watch the hilarious Betty White do her thing.

Buffy is shocked that I'd consider entering her in her scruffy Buffy condition. I even photoshopped fur onto the shaved part of her leg. (From where she was recently attacked by another dog and required stitches.)

I can't groom her until all her wounds are healed and the stitches are out, and the last time I tried to brush her ears, she cried, so of course I stopped right away.

Maybe sweet little Buffy can win the judges hearts with her sad story of being attacked by another dog while staying at a dog-care home.

She's thinking about it.

"Do what you want," says Buffy. "I'm tired."


  1. I love Betty White. :)

    Buffy is such a darling! <3

  2. Wow, Betty White is in good form...89! She's amazing.

    Buffy is looking well, and she's got her charm turned on in those photos! I hope she wins. Good luck Buffy, you cutie!!

  3. Aw! I think the photos of Buffy are lovely! She doesn't need a sob story, what a pretty pup.
    Love the Betty White clip though.

  4. Poor Buffy! I feel so sad about what happened to her. She's adorable and definitely deserves a win!

  5. Molly,
    Me, too. She's something else! Buffy's pretty great, too. I think you should enter one of your great dog photos in the contest!

    I know. I think she's a vegetarian, and possibly a vegan.

    I'm not actually entering any of the photos — I don't think Buffy is an Orvis type dog, and she doesn't "pose" well for photos. If I bring out the camera, she won't look at me. And she looks a little scruffy right now. If I manage to get a better photo, I'll consider it, but my main goal right now is to get her to eat more!

    She may not need a sob story, but she sure has one! Betty White is a rare gem.

    Buffy and I thank you and agree 100%.

  6. Only a loving dog-mom would photoshop fur!

  7. Oh, no! I missed the story of Buffy being attacked! Poor Buffy! What a sweetie. I love that you photoshopped fur on. You are such a stage mom.

  8. Abby,
    Or an obsessive one.

    Buffy is feeling better, thank heavens, but how much can an 19-year-old dog take? Wouldn't a stage mom glue real fur on the actual dog? Maybe I'm a virtual stage mom.

  9. A "virtual stage mom" - ha. I've photoshopped my kids' dirty faces a few times. She is so beautiful, and I hate that she has a sad story. I have the hardest time photographing my dogs, which is one reason I don't post pictures of them more often.

  10. Dynise,
    Must be her energizer battery that keeps her going. :)

    Photoshop instead of a washcloth! That's a use I don't remember reading about in the manual.

    I can't photograph Buffy well, either. She won't look at me, and usually walks away if she sees the camera.

  11. aw...Buffy's precious! I don't think a sob story is needed for her...she looks like a winner to me!
    I didn't know about her getting attacked though. I hope all of her wounds heal fast! She sure is a cutie! :o)

  12. ha! Well, I usually try to take pics spur of the moment. And I don't mind the messy faces as they capture that moment in time. But then I choose one to use on a blog post, and sometimes it's appropriate for the tone of the picture. And sometimes it's just embarrassing. On my family blog, I once photoshopped my rug that needed to be vacuumed.

  13. Jenny,
    There are many, many uses for photoshop. :D


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