October 18, 2011

Meet me in Sioux Falls next summer for Ethiopian food

On our multiple treks from Washington State to Wisconsin, and back, we spend the night in a number of small towns and cities, usually chosen for the dual reasons of timing, and access to restaurants that might provide a vegan dinner for our road-weary selves. We've made the trip so many times, first to visit our kids, and now because we live in Seattle most of the year, that I pretty much know at which restaurants we've eaten in every town on our route. Except for Sioux Falls. Although we've stopped there often, I can't remember a single place we've eaten — sorry Sioux Falls — except for one. Last summer we pulled into Sioux Falls rather late, and exhausted. I was scouring a restaurant guide for possibilities when I came upon an Ethiopian place we'd never noticed before. We needed takeout because we were traveling with our elderly dog, and couldn't leave her alone in the hotel. It was nearly 8:30 p.m. when my husband called to see if they were open and if they had anything vegan. Be here in 20 minutes he was told. OK. He did as he was told. He returned with two large containers of the best Ethiopian food I've ever had. We were grinning from ear to ear as we stuffed ourselves with spicy veggies, and lentils, wrapped in injera. There was so much food, including extra injera, we had lots left over to store in the fridge and warm up for breakfast.

Lalibella is owned by a young Ethiopian family, and the night my husband stopped in, the entire family, including the young kids, was there. The cook/owner/husband said he didn't think the people in Sioux Falls understood Ethiopian food, but he was hoping to spread the word and teach people about his cuisine. If you happen to find yourself in Sioux Falls, or if you live there, give Lalibella a try. (1001 West 11th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104-3556(605) 331-4595. They are closed on Mondays.)


  1. There ought to be a law against posting pictures like that!

  2. It looks good! I'm glad you post stuff like this because it's always great to know when we're traveling. :)

  3. The stuff looks great! I've never had Ethiopian food but I MUST get on that... I hear it's pretty cheap too.

  4. Abby,
    Then perhaps we will meet in prison some day...

    If you ever travel to Sioux Falls, eat at Lalibella!

    Yes you must. Sometimes it's really cheap, and other times not really. I can't remember what it cost in Sioux Falls, but I remember eating in an Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle and the bill came to $14 for two of us — with leftovers! You could just get Papa Tofu cooks Ethiopian Food from Kittee!

  5. Yummy! I've rarely had a bad experience with Ethiopian food. It seems like one of the best options when travelling because there are so many vegetarian (and often vegan) options. Add to that I live near a huge Ethiopian community - Lucky me. :D

    We have a ridiculously cheap place here in Toronto called Nazareth. Food is amazing, and two people can have a combo plate with drinks for under $18!

  6. MeShell,
    I love Ethiopian food — so spicy and delicious. You ARE lucky to have access to great Ethiopian food. I hope the folks in Sioux Falls support their wonderful restaurant.

  7. You always have interesting stories. SD is one of the states I've yet to visit.

  8. Jenny,
    The Badlands are cool and the Black Hills are nice — or you could go to Sturges for the motorcycle meetups. Once we were the only people at a motel in SD that hadn't come on a motorcycle.

  9. I've never had Ethiopian food before, but I know there's a place in town that my partner has wanted to try. How spicy is it? He likes spicy food, but me, not so much. Thanks for posting the yummy looking picture!

  10. Boi,
    You should definitely try it! The level of spiciness varies according to the dish so you should be able to get some things relatively mild. Your partner can always add extra spice.


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