October 12, 2011

What is chicken soup and why is it so funny?

When my oldest son was four or five, he learned for the first time about chicken soup. Laughing hysterically, he told me that so-and-so had eaten chicken soup. "Can you believe that, Mom? He ate chicken soup." He found the idea of eating chicken soup hilarious, and I had to wonder, why was my vegan child, who knew perfectly well that we didn't eat chickens, so amused at the idea of others eating them. He ran off into another room to play, and I scratched my head.

Aha! I called him back. "What is chicken soup?" I asked. He looked at me gleefully and said with giggles, "Soup that chickens eat!"


  1. that is SO CUTE! ha ha. I love your picture too. :)

  2. Cute story! A completely different mindset from kids who grow up eating chickens. I'm grateful for people like you who raise/raised vegans...you guys have made the world a better place by bringing more vegans into it.

  3. Oh my gosh, that story is too cute! :-)

  4. Amey,

    Too bad they didn't stay vegans. But they're almost vegan, and that's OK. And they may be vegan again some day.

    It's a totally true story. Chicken soup was the same as cat food in his mind. He never imagined that people actually made soup from chickens!

    Chow vegan,
    And true!

  5. This is a wide grin post!!! :) :)Yay for vegan kids and vegan moms.

  6. Oh, that's very sweet! When my girls were very little, my mom took them grocery shopping and stuck a jug of cow's milk in the cart. They both asked her what that was b/c they had never seen it before. My oldest when she was about your son's age had a picture book with different types of food. She thought a fried egg was a flower and a chicken leg was a baseball bat for the longest time. And, I didn't tell her any different! Why ruin such sweet innocence?

  7. GiGi,
    I wish I had a photo of the gleeful vegan child living in a world of chicken's eating soup.

    The days of innocence.

    Yes. My kids had toy food for their play kitchen, and I'm not really sure exactly what is was meant to be, but we said it was grilled tofu. (They also had more recognizable stuff like "veggie burgers," tomato slices, lettuce, etc.)


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