October 05, 2011

Do you want cake?

Lovely lemon pound cake with blueberry topping

My daughter-in-law is not a vegetarian, but she goes out of her way to find delicious vegan recipes to serve to her veg family members. And that includes cake. She used to claim that she wasn't a good baker, but I don't think anyone who has tried her confections would believe that. Her vegan cakes are amazing.

Dad is Great chocolate cake

She found a copy of Kris Holechek's baking book, "Have Your Cake and Vegan Too" at the library, and created fabulous cakes, two of which I've pictured here.

I think you should go buy this book, but if you want a little taste first, you can go to Amazon and take a peek inside the book. There are quite a few recipes you can look at — or try — to get a feel for the book. (I get nothing for sending you there. I'm just providing a convenient link.) Happy baking!


  1. Yes! That pound cake is especially inviting.

  2. Me. I do I do. But I can't have it yet because I'm on that silly Engine 2 plan. I'm living vicariously for that cake. Question why ar there only 3 candles on the Dad is great cake? He is a very young dad.

  3. Lemon and blueberries are such a great flavor combination, especially when a cake is involved! Yum!

  4. Well now I want cake! The lemon pound cake looks especially delicious.

  5. Yes please! I don't eat enough cake, (even though I look like I do :D Something about lemon and blueberry combo is so scrumptious. The chocolate cake is pretty spectacular too. Your daughter in law is obviously very modest!

  6. Dawn,
    It was really delicious!

    Well, he is a young dad, but that's not why. I think there was a candle shortage that night. These things happen.

    I agree! I agree!

    The cake was a winner. I'm thinking of buying the cookbook!

    I've never been a big cake eater, but I have to say, these two cakes were awfully good. In fact, I find myself wanting to make a lemon cake at this very moment!

  7. Ooh, I've been hoarding this book at work (shh!) just to ogle the pictures. I should probably just buy it, and then make cakes for no reason! There are a lot of delicious recipes in there.

  8. Oh my, I could definitely go for some of that chocolate cake!

  9. Oh, yes, I most definitely want cake!

  10. Foodfeud,
    I agree. You should probably buy it. Me too.

    Either one would work for me.

    Who wouldn't?

  11. I'm crossing my fingers that if my daughter-in-laws aren't vegetarians, then they are as sweet as yours.

  12. Jenny,
    I hope so, too. :)

  13. Yes I want cake! Yes!

    Both of then look beautiful, though I'm especially partial to the chocolate one.... wow.

  14. I have Kris's first book, and it's fabulous. Can't wait to go peek at this one, too.

  15. MeShell,
    It's the lemon cake for me, but really, they were both perfect!

    I may have to get this book.

  16. Those cakes look amazing. I recently got this book but haven't made anything from it yet you have inspired me to make something from it soon.

  17. Ohmygoshimvegan,
    I think you should start with the lovely lemon pound cake. I'm pretty sure you'll like it! :)

  18. That chocolate cake looks AMAZING!

  19. Oh, I love me some pound cake. I think I will try Amazon's "loo inside" feature and see if I like the book. :)

  20. Mo,
    And it was!

    I'm not sure I really remember the taste of pound cake, but this cake tasted like what I think is the memory.


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