October 07, 2011

Souperb chowder: a corny play in two acts

Scene 1
Two people are seated at a dining room table. The table is covered with newspapers and mail, which the two are reading. The clock reads 6:00 p.m.

He: What do you think we should have for supper?
She: I don't know. I saw a soup recipe on a blog that looked good. Why don't you make that.
He: Do we have the ingredients?
She: I don't know. I'll go print out the recipe.

She leaves the room.

Scene 2
She comes back with the recipe and He goes into the kitchen and putters about.

He: We have all the ingredients so I guess I'll make the soup.
She: Cool.

Act II
The table is set with two steaming bowls of beautiful, golden soup filled with corn, peppers, potatoes, beans, etc. He and She are seated at the table. He tastes the soup.

He: The soup is good.
She: Was it hard to make?
He: No.

She tastes the soup.

She: OMG. The soup is amazing, fantastic. I can't believe how rich and fabulous the flavor is; like it's been cooking for hours. I really love it. I LOVE IT. We should keep the recipe handy and make it again soon. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Wonderful.
He: Yeah. Good soup.

The End

Sometimes you just know when you read a recipe that the result will taste delicious. That's how I felt when I saw Helen's recipe for Southwestern corn chowder on her blog, Vegtastic. Helen used fresh corn for her chowder, but we used frozen corn and it still came out great. I recommend you scoot over to Helen's blog and try the chowder. It's souper good!

So ends Vegan MoFo week 1, at least for me since I will only be blogging weekdays. Next week my theme will revolve around food and humor — as in, funny but not funny.


  1. Funny - but not funny...I'm intrigued! Glad you liked the soup, and I guess you got dinner made for you? Awesome!

  2. Yum, terrific! I'm going to print out the recipe right now. Thanks Andrea!

  3. Haha this is great. And the soup looks great too!

  4. Jenny,
    The soup was great, and yes, I had dinner made for me. Yeah.

    I hope you like it as much as we did!

    Andy (Amanda),
    The play was based on a true story, and just to be clear, I showed it to "He" before publishing. He laughed, but knowing glances were exchanged.

  5. Bravo! Love the play...and the play on words. :D You made the MoFo round up too. Congrats!

    Sounds like a great recipe; I like the idea of using beans pureed as the base--genius! And thanks for letting us know about Vegtastic...looks like a blog full of great food and recipes.

  6. Rose,
    Thanks! And thanks for letting me know about the roundup. My cake post made it, too, and I'm overwhelmed to have made it twice in one week. The soup was very delicious and satisfying. Can't wait to make it again.

  7. I was looking for the Thursday round up, but missed it somehow. I'll go back and check it out.

  8. Hahah, I like the play. Sort of minimalist - domestic setting - two characters in contrast..yet so alike.
    Your theme next week sounds very interesting, I can't wait. Have a great weekend!
    ...as I go check out the recipe...

  9. Wow, you've made it on the MoFo blog twice so far, in only 7 days! They love you. Well, so do I, for good reasons. Chef, playwright, raconteur, photographer, artist, mom, hey, what's not to like? Your play is perfect, short, sweet, suspenseful, and it has a happy ending ;-)

  10. I love that little play of yours (especially how you divided it into Acts and Scenes) - adorable!

    And anyone who doesn't want to make that soup after reading this post is crazy. Crazy I tell ya!

  11. That is the best play ever! I was caught up in the suspense of whether He would find all the ingredients. And, then I wondered if both He and She would like the souperb chowder. Oh, I just love happy endings!

  12. So when is the video coming out? Hee Hee!
    LOVE the play!

  13. Foodfeud,
    It's surprising how much can be conveyed in very few words. :) And do check out the recipe.!

    Ahem, cough, blush. Thank you. So I'm heading to LA to pitch the play, and I'm wondering, will the soup be enough to carry it through to production, or should I add a dessert?

    Thanks! And I agree that anyone who doesn't want to make the soup after reading Helen's post is misguided for sure. At least we know I'm not misguided, cause I made the soup!

    My first play, too. I'm delighted you liked it. :D

    Once the script is picked up by a film company, I'll let you know. :D On the other hand, when is your first post coming out?

  14. haha nice little two act play. i'd love to be in it! especially since i'll be printing the recipe and the cooking'll be done by the guy. ahhh what a life! :D

  15. Wow. Isn't it cool what the internet does for dinner!!!! The table sounds identical to ours, except we have cats on it too!

  16. Great play! Encore, encore! That soup looks so hearty and filling, like a meal in a bowl.

  17. That dialogue gave me a good chuckle. Haha!

  18. Yummy dinner and a play! :-)

  19. Veganosaurus,
    Yes, the play tells it like it should be.

    Get skinny,
    I know. What would we have had for dinner had I not been on the Internet moments before?

    I must have been inspired by your amazing silent films! And yes, the soup was absolutely a meal in a bowl.

    I'm glad you found it amusing — Sometimes real life is funny.

    Chow vegan,

  20. That soup looks fantastic. I loved reading the play, too. Funny, not funny sounds mighty interesting...

  21. This is perfect! Well-written, witty posts are just the best. :)

  22. Christina,
    I highly recommend the soup!

    Thank you so much. I've always wanted to be a writer. ;D

  23. Andrea-You are the Tennessee Williams of the vegan food world! Great soup and posting and congrats on the roundup!!!


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